I love you grandpa, rest in paradise. Everything I am and everything I will be in the future is because of you. You raised me since the age of two, and I was blessed by your love for 22 years. Thank you for keeping your promise and waiting till after I graduated college to leave, but I wish I asked for a longer period. I know you’re at a better place now, but I’m just selfish and I want you back. I thought over time I have prepared myself slowly for this moment, but I guess you never really are. 

This by far has been the hardest good bye so please give me strength to cope with this and to help lola.  I love you always. To the moon and back, actually you beat me to the moon. 


your favorite dress maker. 

Just got home from #sdtgpremierenight . Grabeeeee! Sobrang saya ko dahil nakita ko ulit si Dj at Kath ng malapitan plus sobrang ganda talaga ng movie. Utas ka na sa katatawa tapos kikiligin ka pa hanggang sa maiiyak ka! Grabe! Mixed emotions e. Congratulations @bernardokath and @agentyellow ! Super proud na proud ako na naging KathNiel fan ako. Congrats din kay direk cathy at sa lahat ng bumubuo ng She’s Dating The Gangster! Papanoodin ko ulit. Ang sarap ulit-ulitin. ❤️ :)))) #071614 #SDTG #kathniel

Pregnancy Update:

I feel our son moving more in my stomach at night. He likes to kick daddy when his hand is on mama’s stomach (we figure he’s wanting dad’s warm hand off of his little house lol). My stomach feels like it is getting heavier, started feeling it even MORE yesterday and today. My feet get super sore and swollen after an 8 hour shift at work (thank GOD for daddy’s feet massages). My back gets a little sore since my boobs and stomach are both growing but I wouldn’t have it any other way as long as our son is growing healthy, big, and strong. I’m so anxious for him to be out already. We have 3 baby showers in the making feeling blessed that we have such loving and supporting families (still have to work out the kinks for the baby shower). Feeling super overwhelmed sometimes but step back and realize I need to take a breath sometimes with the help of baby daddy. 


2 years of friendsjeep. (Friends + Jeep) 

Grabe living proof na high school friends can last for years! Let’s make more memories! Basta once a rider always a rider ha! Kahit na yung iba umalis na, lumipat nang school. Naging rider parin sila. Miss ko na ang buong riderz! May mga umalis, pero may bumalik din. Sana talaga hanggang college to. Kahit na magkaiba na tayo nang universities, hindi pa rin magkakamlimutan! You all made my high school more exciting, parang wala akong experience sa high school kung wala kayo. Basta alam niyo na yun. Hindi kayang maexplain nang mga salita ang nararamdaman ko. Grabe meant to be talaga tayo sa isa’t isa. Ang Kaprankahan ni JM, Kaweirduhan ni Ian, Ang pagkadancer ni Aira, Ang pagkadaldal ni Janica, Ang pagkasungit ni Emdie, Ang pagkasarcastic ni Joel, Ang pagkatalino ni Jevi, Ang pagkapayat ni Andrei at Ang pagkaganda ko este pagkadrama!! Syempre with matching Ken, Kenneth at Sam pa yan :) Ayun basta hanggang pagkagraduate natin sa Saytek magkakasama parin tayo ha? :) Isa kayong blessing para saakin. Drama ko ba? Syempre ako pa.