awesome weekend with the color guard. i know we weren’t our best in the championships but at least we weren’t last (10th out of 13) and we still got 1st place once in the season. so it’s pretty good. winning first place in mission hills made me feel like it was an assurance that we do deserve to be in intermediate a. and our show is unique compared with the 4 schools that we usually compete with. and then on the next day,we went to coronado beach to have our beach party :D we just arrived late since we had to go to church and buy brownies and stuff. so we got there  and the weather was already cold but that didn’t stop the fun. so we just chilled and then made a little music video for california girls. xD lmfao. that was hilarious. then we started the bonfire and roasted some marshmallows and then chilled again. when the fire died, we decided to leave so we got our stuff packed. however, most of us didn’t wanna go home yet so we walked around to look for mootown and then went to the bay since they didn’t have a bathroom in mootown and then we found david then went to THE x) kfc then just chilling there while waiting for jaena, eriel, abby, and my sister. then we just all decided to leave  THE kfc/taco bell then went to the pier and took pictures. then before we went to our cars, david has a box of sun drop so we also did the little sun drop commercial xD

all in all, the weekend was filled with fun with THE color guard :D

k goodnight.

spanish word for hilarious

Earlier tonight Emily and i successfully completed our video presentation for AP Spanish all while making signs for Antoinette, eating leftover BBQ, obsessing over her Nintendo Dsi, and stalking various people on facebook. I’m really really glad to have her in Spanish class because without her i’d probably go insane every time seventh period rolls around.



Day Two: April 17, 2011

The meaning behind your tumblr name.

I wish i could say there was an eclectic reason behind sammysoysauce but it’s really simple actually. The name Sammy represents my childhood and free spirit and soy sauce represents both my Chinese heritage and the fact that i really like soy sauce with potstickers. And together i thought it was a nice alliteration:p