Neyi ne kadar duymak istediğimle alakalı olsaydı bazı şeyler, karşılıksız bir aşkı tercih ederim her zaman. 

Aşk, benim için onun beni dünyalar kadar sevmesi değil, o güzel gözleriyle bana bakıp gülümsemesiydi. Elimi tutması, sımsıkı sarılması … Aşk, sonsuzluğu düşünmek değil de, sevdiğimle sonuna kadar gitmekti aynı zamanda. Kalbimin onu her hissettiğinde yerinden sökülmesi, tüm vücudumun sıtmaya yakalanmışcasına titremesiydi. 

Anlamsız gelse de çoğu insana, aşk her şeyden önce hissetmekti, karşılığı olmasa bile yaşamaktı tadını. Aşık olmaya bir anlam verememekten çok, o anlamı düşünmek ve arzulamaktı. 

Ve aşkın gelip geçici olduğu bilinse de, ilacının da bizim elimizde olacağıydı ya da başkalarına inat ölümsüz olabileceği gerçeği … 

      - İlknur Doğan

Monday April 1, 2013

Today I got a little annoyed when I woke up and towards the end it got better, I guess. Woke up at 10:30am, I was hella tired yesterday from working, LOOL, I’m always tired. My job is making me work hella hard, fucking giving me hella bags under my eyes. 😒 But anyways, woke up feeling good until my girlfriend told me something what happened before at her job, and finally told her boss just today, what the fuck dude. Your suppose to tell your boss right away especially in a situation like that! See now her boss can’t really do anything about it except tell that residents therapist. That’s the shit I don’t like. I hated working at that job too, I used to work there for a month and left because the residents would always attack you. Also she didn’t even do an incident report, -_- What the fuck dude, I cooled down before I started work at 2:30pm, shit I basically live at my job. They should just give me a room. LOOL, I could be the newest resident. Lol. I’m still at work right now, I was suppose to be off at 10:30pm. I got to wait for one of my co workers, they need to hurry the fuck up. ✌


Uyurken bile rahat bırakmıyorsun beni,

Kara kedi misali sürekli aklımdasın, çıkmıyorsun bir türlü.

Seviyor muyum, sevmiyor muyum anlayamıyorum üstelik,

Ne olur rahat bırak da, ben kendi yoluma bakayım artık… 

     - İlknur Doğan

04.01.2013 - -____-

My first day of school was MEH. Idk I had a lot of shit to do so I was really tired by the end of the day. Ummm I was running around all over the place even after my classes cuz of textbook issues, then I went home cuz my RA came in to talk about underpants blah blah blah….aaaand then I went out for dinner with Heidi and Sugie and….I’m sorry I can’t remember who the other guy’s name was. But yep.

I came home and I was exhausted so I didn’t do any hw. From the 1st day of school. Awwww yeah.

OH Kristina tried putting a prank on me but it didn’t work. Mehehehe.

And damn, it’s already April.

anonymous said:

D, H, J, Y

D. Would you rather know everything the universe has to offer but in exchange lose all emotions or remain the way you are now?
Remain how I am now. I’m scared so easily, and some things I’ve learned, I really wish I could un-learn because it will literally make me hide under the blankets at night (like that’s going to protect me).

H. If it meant it would solve all world hunger, war, disease and bigotry, would you spend the rest of eternity in Hell?


Do I let the selfish side or the caring side win? Honestly, I don’t know. 

J. Could you live without having sex ever (again) in exchange for eternal youth?
Do you really think I’ve ever had sex? or ever will? hahahah no one loves me that much  As for eternal youth? I probably wouldn’t take that opportunity up. While I may never be a pedo noona because of that, this generation (if not more) is driving society into the ground & I really don’t want to be around to see the full extent of that. wow i went deeper than i meant to 

Y. Do looks mean anything to you? Don’t lie, could you fall in love with someone you thought was ugly?
Yes, looks actually kind of mean a lot more to me than I’d like them to. Only one guy I have ever had a crush on, I didn’t think was cute. And I mean, Jonghyun is my bias. He is hot & cute. So, that should tell you enough. As for falling in love with someone I think is ugly? It’s possible, but probably not as likely as falling for someone I think is good-looking.