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Even after she was old enough to read, Violet’s father would always tell her stories. He’d either tell them from books or make them up in his mind, but her favorite was the one about the little girl who fell down the rabbit hole. She’d ask to hear it every single night, loved how the rabbit wore a waistcoat just like her father, and the girl -Alice- wore ribbons in her hair like herself. Not only that but her dad was a miner, he’d come home in his dirty clothes and greet her with another jokey “I’m back from wonderland, miss Alice!” Up until the age of eleven, Violet would ask her father to read the same story. It would have gone on for longer, had the accident never happened.

Her mother had passed away when she was too young to remember due to cancer, meaning that when the mine collapsed in on her father and the man’s fellow workers, Violet was sent away to live with her grandmother. There was no telling when it happened, when her mind made the transformation from ‘Violet’ to ‘Alice’ because she lived in silence for nine months. She refused to not only speak, but to listen or react or live properly. Her grandmother would leave food on the desk in her room since the girl was only ever curled up in bed with her hands over her ears and back to the room. When the woman returned, the plate would always be empty but the girl would be hiding beneath her duvet  once again.

It wasn’t until almost a year later when the girl snapped. She was home alone with her grandfather, the man’s wife out of the house and he had tried yet again to pull a reaction from her. He’d repeated her name 'Violet, Violet, Violet', had pleaded for her to get out of bed, at least try, which was when she’s finally sat up, scowled at the man and screams "my name is Alice!" and, oddly enough, from that day on, she spoke to them like it was nothing, asked about their day, how they were feeling, but not as Violet anymore.

After only a few months of listening to the girl talk about wonderland, how she needed to find her way there and meet the white rabbit, the hatter, the queen, her grandparents knew that something had to be done. She was sent away at a few months from thirteen years old and had been moved around ever since. Finally, at the age of eighteen, Violet was sent to Blacklist asylum with no progress from any other mental health clinic she’d been previously admitted to. She still believes herself to be Alice, and she still wants nothing more than to find Wonderland.

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Strafverteider: ...großer Bedeutung sind. Auch die Situation

…großer Bedeutung sind. Auch die Situation in Waldesch ist für die Kripo nach wie vor von großem Interesse.
Hinweise zum Mord in Waldesch nimmt die Kriminalpolizei Koblenz unter der Telefonnummer 0261/1031…
07.09.14 08:09 | Germany | rhein-zeitung.de
?Mittlerweile ist der größte Teil des Geldbetrags wieder zurückgezahlt?, sagte Polizeisprecher Rainer Wetzel. ?Kripo und Staatsanwaltschaft haben den Vorfall geprüft und sehen darin keinen Raub. Es wurde…

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