Someday,  I’d be good at wrapping my arms around you and holding you when you’re at your worst. I’d listen to you talk for hours about the things that really get you going, because I’d really love to see that gleam in your eyes when you’re passionate about something. Someday I’ll be able to  “let you go" meaning I’ll always encourage you to be the fullest measure of yourself & I won’t be the reason why you hold back on doing what you’ve always dreamed of. Someday I’m gonna be that person who will always be there for you. Someday.

One is enough, two is too much. I guess that’s how it is when it comes to giving second chances in love. Couples argue and fight, but usually not to the extent of breaking up. However, if it becomes too much to bear that one cannot tolerate anymore, it could lead to the extreme decision. In case that a break-up happens, some won’t even care to come back. But some people want to have a second chance. Some want to fix things and go back to how they once were.

But the thing is, that person already had the chance. That person had the opportunity of treating someone special and being treated special. Yet, he lost it by doing something unacceptable or wrong. Why would someone break up if there was no problem at all? Sure, no relationship is perfect and one without arguments is absolutely okay. But because of one big reason or even more, things start to go bad which lead to the break-up. If the other partner pardons, then the person is lucky. Otherwise, it only means that it’s too much. So why give a second chance when the opportunity was already there and it was just put to waste? Why give a second chance when the fact that the pain he caused was too much na tumagos na sa heart amd sometimes even sa kanilang sarling pagkatao?

However, some give second chances because they believe that everything could be better since promises have been contracted. Some just couldn’t let go because they love one another too much that they believe that they really are meant to be together.

But if the person does it again? Lol, he deserves to be left. No one deserves someone like him. It would hurt, especially if the partners have been together for too long. But that’s just how things are.

The thing to do? Move on. Try to forget. The fact that a couple breaks up only means that someone out there is waiting to treat this person better than how he was treated before. It could take time, but it would be worth the wait.


One Direction, Strong, (different view), Germany, 7/02/2014 (length 2:05)

i don’t want to have to deal with getting to know people, i don’t want the irrational insecurities of knowing whether they think i’m annoying or uninteresting, i just want to be friends. the ones who make it easy always find their way around in time, remind me remind me 

i’ve done this so many times, and this city is already familiar, but i still feel overwhelmed. healthy, capable, rational, but overwhelmed

today N texted me and we hadnt spoken since July, the ones that matter may disappear but they are always still there, they’ll be out here next month. i’m excited to feel home in east coast faces

today I texted the person who was my best friend for two years, who is currently in the same city as me, and told them it was for the better if we didn’t hang out. i know this means i am in a better place.

today I text someone else and they didnt reply and it felt good knowing that didnt matter either. the only ones that have ever mattered are the ones that you know are still there, that want to still be there. 

i need to find a place to watch the trains and i need to brush my teeth


curry ramyeon & sweet potato cheese sticks, school food, myeongdong. 140219.

not the school food place exo has been to in showtime, but we had curry ramyun and the same cheese sticks our boys had. let’s say i’m not a fan of curry ramyeon, but the sweet potato cheese sticks were heaven ~

2014.02.21 | LA! NY!

Trò CROSS×BEATS (*) vui quá đi. Các bạn hãy nhớ đeo cả tai nghe khi chơi nhé. Là Tomoya đây.

Dạo này mọi người ổn cả chứ.

Tôi rất xin lỗi vì update chậm.

Nếu phải kể cho các bạn rằng chúng tôi đã làm gì từ khi năm mới bắt đầu đến giờ, thì đó là thu âm, sáng tác, và chúng tôi cố gắng tận dụng hết từng ngày một để làm việc.

Xem nào, mấy ngày trước, chúng tôi đã có hai buổi live ở LA và NY!

Đây là lần đầu chúng tôi live ở Mỹ và, nếu nghĩ kĩ lại thì, đó là lần live thực sự đầu tiên sau các lễ hội cuối năm nên tôi có tí lo lắng, nhưng thực sự thì tôi rất thích hai buổi diễn này!

Đây là lần tuyệt nhất.

Nhất là ở NY, tôi cảm thấy được sự ủng hộ của mọi người hơn bất cứ lần nào gần đây.

Và rồi nó đã kết thúc, hai buổi live đã khép lại với cảm giác khá lạ lùng.

Cảm ơn những bạn đã đến rất nhiều!

Và chúng tôi vẫn đang tiếp tục thu âm đây!

Rất nhiều những bài hát mới lạ đang được tạo ra.

Rất mong chờ xem chúng ra sao!


Hẹn gặp lại, hẹn gặp lại!


(*) : trò chơi nhạc trên điện thoại.