01. Ever After
 Album: Ever After
 Artist: Marianas Trench
      "Don't you move...
Can't you stay where you are, just for now I could be your perfect disaster, You could be my ever after."

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So yup! I finally posted the thing @_@ This is my take on the first song! :D I hope you like it! *cough* pleaseexcusemypenmanship *cough*

And Happy Holidays, everyone! *hugs*

Oh also, this is for you thecoolandspicyotaku! You’ve been very supportive while I was working on this baby huhu *glomp*. Remember the nalu contract? Yes, this is a step before finally getting that contract haha!

I hope I’d finish this project because I want to spread the word of nalu everywhere ok HAHAHA 

11 songs left kthxbyeee

btw click on the link on the lyrics for the song! listen to it bec it’s goood!

Kiss the Girl → 12/26/14 F2F

[Karma’s smile had been glued to her face since the second the Performance Round had ended. The next day would hold the battle rounds, but seeing the limited number of opponents she had left, Karma was feeling pretty good about herself. Dressed in a green dress with a ribbon cinched around her waist, and loose curls falling around her shoulders, the red-head was tugging Amy all around the room, chatting with her new fans. She wasn’t sure if she’d earned them through her team’s performance or through the rumors that she and Amy were an item, but it didn’t much matter to her - as they stood in a clump with a couple of other coordinators who had already been eliminated, all Karma cared about was that her best friend was there to share her small victory with her.] "Can you believe it? I just have a good feeling about the finals tomorrow, Amy! Santa brought me luck this year for Christmas! Oh - oh, look, that’s that reporter, Vashti Nadira! I wonder if she’s here to interview the finalist! Quick, be cool - I think she’s coming this way!"


Namaste: the divine in me recognizes the divine in you. It’s no secret I have an affinity for throw pillows… I am borderline obsessed! The office got a little more zen thanks to this amazing gift from my friends at @elephantlanding! I am so thankful for the work @teamwoodnote is doing to help women in rural India! Their travels and adventures are nothing short of inspiring! All profits from their sales of these adorable pillows (and more) go to support the women of India with education and employment! If that isn’t inspiring, I’m not sure what is! Namaste, my friends!
Go check out: @elephantlanding and tell me what your favorite piece is! by jennakutcher

nge-01 asked:

8. top 5 anime?? 13. Life goals? 16. Favourite movie? :))


1 - Monster

2 - Psycho pass

3 - Clannad

4 - NGE

5 - Code Geass

13. Life goals? *successful by drake plays* basically tht i just wana have a nice job b able to live comfortably and be in a healthy happy relationship

16. Favourite movie? hmmmmmmm idk im not really a big movie person, i rly liked gone girl tho. ben affleck is really hot i wish i saw his dick


EVA-01 v1.0 theme by armin-arlert

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okay so wow! my last redux edit went incredibly well so i guess i decided to make another one? unfortunately its kinda similar to my previous theme and i actually finished this one in less than a day so….let me know if theres any glitches……..or something….because that might be a thing.

apologies in advance for the long post


  • favicon + background options 
  • sidebar, bottom, and inner sidebar images
  • up to five floaties (able to be turned off + on)
  • gradient backgrounds (able to be turned off + on)
  • installed pixel fonts + other preinstalled fonts
  • border styles (dashed, dotted, solid)
  • search bar + normal or sidebar pagination w/ customizable colors
  • footer on hover (ONLY WORKS FOR FOOTER STYLE 1)
  • right, left, or a custom position for your sidebar
  • light, dark, transparent, or another color for your sidebar + posts
  • rounded borders + some options for your sidebar
  • 400px or 500px
  • box shadows + glow (customizable colors) 
  • upper or sidebar menu (able to be turned off an on)
  • dropdown, button, or slidedown menus 
  • rain and/or snow effect
  • 7 links
  • 2 footer styles + customizable colors
  • and some more stuff probably


  • in regards to the upper sidebar menu; there is a SMALL ICON option and a LARGE ICON option. the SMALL ICON option is best suited for a sidebar less than 170px, while the LARGE ICON option is suitable for a sidebar that is larger. also note that the X-BUTTON and the MENU BUTTONS do not automatically sync with sidebar width changes, meaning that you need to MANUALLY CHANGE THE TOP POSITION of the menu and x-button! its a bit complicated, though the result it always nice!
  • make sure to only choose ONE menu option (i.e. do NOT have both slidedown and button ; and do NOT have no menu at all)
  • only choose one post size + sidebar position 
  • any questions, problems, or concerns? ??? just pop me an ask and ill try my best to help you!!!!


  • don’t remove the credit please! 
  • you may use as a base as long as you ASK FIRST and CREDIT ME
  • you may use separate parts of this code as long as you ASK FIRST and CREDIT ME


okay wow that was a long post haha lol okay well yeah. anyway please like and/or reblog if you plan on using the theme!!! it’d be super cool to get this signal boosted! thank s