Hi, i want to share this photos with you guys because that day was incredible, for the first time in my short and miserable life I assisted to a match of the world cup, yes this year. That day was beautiful with my family and well if you see I assisted to Belgium vs USA. 

In the second photo in that moment I screamed: “EDEN HAZAAAAAAAARD I LOVE YOU” and I think that  he raised his thumb because of me… THAT WAS BECAUSE OF ME OK? (AXEL WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?) And OMG FELLAINI is very cute.

I was very close to the field…. mmmh in the sixth row and I took a beautiful photo of the Belgium nt. 

no me ignoren 


          Well, well, well. Look who we have here, showing their face out in the open, though he shouldn’t be too surprised. ❝ Oi, ❞ he calls, expecting her to turn and face him. She’ll know he’s talking to her, she has to. ❝ Binge eater, ❞ that should catch her attention. ❝ Surprised that you’d even show your face around here. ❞ 


Here’s what the actual model looks like. All I did for the animation was take this, scaled it to 25% and scaled it back up to achieve a pixelated, heavily aliased look. I then threw a gradient map over it and saved the whole thing in 16 colors.