❝ Marco Polo aside..it’s been awhile, hasn’t it..Naruto? Since we last saw each other. ❞ It’s not as if he’d remember, though she does. He’s come and gone twice now from this city and this’ll be his third time now. He looks different each time and it’s something that she’s taken note of, but doesn’t bother to mention it to him. She’s just glad to see him, honestly. She kind of needs him more than anybody right now. Sasuke is fine, but this boy..is her best friend. And she smiles, if only to reassure him that she is indeed happy to see him, before reaching forward to pull him into an embrace.

           ❝ It’s nice to finally have you around. I’d like to hope that you’ll be staying this time. ❞


Without You

It’s been a couple weeks since Koutaro had arrived in Hive City and he was having a… problem.

As much as he tried to ignore the elephant in the room, Teddy– or the lack of Teddy, he just couldn’t. The Imagin’s absence was glaringly obvious whenever Koutaro had a stroke of bad luck, which was often. Just today he had stubbed his toe (twice!) and was the victim of a car driving through a puddle. It was reminding him of what he had gone through when his contract with Teddy was over. It was still a sore subject and was something he really didn’t want to think about.

Everyone else had their Imagins with them too. Grandpa had Momotaros and Urataros. That was basically half of them if he didn’t count the useless bird. Then, there was Yuuto. He had yet to run into him, but Deneb was definitely in the city. While Koutaro would rather have everyone be together than not, he couldn’t help but be jealous. Teddy and him were a combo, the best combo, and being alone made him feel useless.

The scientists weren’t even nice enough to leave him with the charm Teddy had given him. Koutaro didn’t actually believe the charm would help with his bad luck, but it was a gift. It was important to him. It was embarrassing to admit, but he found himself subconsciously reaching into his pockets to grab it whenever he was having a bad day. Of course, it was never there and it only served as another reminder that his friend was gone.

Koutaro had originally started this walk through Sector 6 to know the city better, only having come here for the flower festival at first, but the serene nature of the place made it easy to zone out. Lost in thought, Koutaro stopped paying attention to where he was going. That was a dangerous thing for a Nogami to do and it doesn’t take long for his foot to snag against an uneven sidewalk. He stumbles, starting to fall down, and lets out a pathetic yelp. 

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✴-❝Oh hey..!

       Lobo announced his presence, getting the other’s attention with the wave of a paw. He gave them a welcoming smile, before speaking again.

✴-❝You’re new around here right, ah-rooooo? It’s nice to meet you! I’m Lobo! I guess I should be welcoming you to Westcaw!

       He gave him a happy nod, holding out a paw for a quick handshake.