For my tenth Evangelion book review, here is Sore o Nasumono – Shin Seiki Evangelion Concept Design Works (That Which Forms It – Neon Genesis Evangelion Concept Design Works), published by Kadokawa Shoten.  As the title suggests, this book is full of concept art… mainly in the form of black-and-white sketches, but there are also several full color illustrations at the beginning, including a nice foldout page.  The book is not available in English or French, but the fascinating (and sometimes bizarre!) pictures include a number of ideas that didn’t make it into the final version of the anime, so this book is quite interesting to look at even if you can’t read Japanese.  The illustrations are mostly the work of Ikuto Yamashita, the mecha designer for Evangelion, so there’s a lot of focus on the Evas, or related weapons and equipment.  However, there is also a section at the end devoted to conceptual art by Seiji Kio, concentrating on Nerv’s architecture plus some miscellaneous designs.

This book is also noteworthy for containing pieces of two stories written by Yamashita that didn’t make it into the final version of the anime: a TV Last Scenario “Prot” which was his suggested ending for the Evangelion TV series, and Another Movie Episode which was going to be a film taking place after the series.  This movie scenario included a mysterious contamination which altered people’s minds and eventually changed their physical appearances as well, causing them to look like werewolves!  Here’s part of an illustration that shows Asuka as a werewolf, plus Shinji sharpening a large wooden stake, and Rei holding a gun with her middle finger on the trigger (What the heck?!):


Pretty weird, huh?  This movie plot also featured a weapon referred to as the “Shinigami no Sebone” (Spine of the Death God).  You can see Unit-01 wielding it on the book’s front cover, shown at the very beginning of this book review.  (By the way, the book has a removable dust jacket, although the cover art hidden underneath is just the same image in orange and white.)  What’s interesting about the Spine of the Death God is that the idea seems to have been revived for Yamashita’s light novel Evangelion ANIMA, which has a weapon with similar capabilities called the “Tenshi no Sebone” (Spine of the Angel).  Want to see a couple more ideas that didn’t make it into the TV series but eventually showed up in various other Evangelion works?  Keep reading for the rest of the book review, plus a few more pictures!

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A Night To Remember | Wyatt & Harley

"Ah, so should we start heading over to the diner then?" Wyatt asked with a soft smile on his face. He pulled out his phone to check the time before shoving it back into his back pocket of his jeans. Wyatt looked over at the girl before walking in the direction of the diner. There was no denying that he was starving. After driving for a couple of days, Wyatt seemed to have forgetten to pack enough food but he was just in luck when he met Harley. "I think this is it?" He said with a small chuckle, while he opened the door for her. Taking a seat in a booth right by the window, he looked up at Harley. "I already know what I’m gonna get." He smirked, running his hand through his hair. "So, tell me about yourself. What do you like to do?"

Junpei hadn’t shut up about some new technology stuff that had been coming to Tatsumi Port Island next week; something about ‘hot, singing women’ that he was inviting Akihiko and Vincent to join him in…So what if he said yes to it? That was just being polite, and since Akihiko was basically being forced out of the dorm by Mitsuru, he was being brought along too.


With the plans for next week in his mind, he slowly walked toward the mall to screw around at the arcade and get some coffee. Things didn’t exactly go as intended though, since he ended up crashing into someone on the way there; goddamn, he was clumsy lately.

Pensieri | 20/12/2014 ore 16:01

Non so come descrivere ciò che sento, ciò che ho dentro e che preme per uscire.
Sarei dovuta uscire per comprare delle scarpe, ma la sola idea di dovere stare in mezzo a tutta la gente di Via del Corso, di sabato pomeriggio, mi ha messa terribilmente in ansia.
Così mentre mi truccavo ho messo giù l’eyeliner in preda a pensieri poco carini di me che andavo nel panico circondata da persone.
Mi fratello crede che io stia sempre chiusa in casa perché non ho voglia di fare un cazzo se non stare al telefono, la battutina è sempre lì, tutti pensano lo stesso.
Loro non capiscono cosa mi porto dentro.
Non capiscono cosa voglia dire uscire di casa e cominciare ad impanicarsi anche solo per poche persone che neanche sanno che sono lì.
Pensano sia stupido.
“Ma dai, smettila con queste cose.”
“Grazie per la comprensione.”
E così rimango nel mio letto, con il peso dei carboidrati del pranzo sullo stomaco e lo schifo per me stessa alle stelle.
L’unico pensiero che ho sempre in mente in questi giorni è che devo trovare un modo per sicuro per farla finita una volta per tutte.
I miei, nonostante il mio primo tentativo di suicidio, lasciano tutte le medicine a portata di mano.
Grosso sbaglio.