On a warm spring evening just before Easter 1927, people who lived in tall buildings in New York were given pause when the wooden scaffolding around the tower of the brand-new Sherry-Netherland Apartment Hotel caught fire and it became evident that the city’s firemen lacked any means to get water to such a height. 

— Bill Bryson: One Summer: America 1927 (2013)


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Nina grew up in a high class society, expected to have much responsibility and little in return. She didn’t fit in well with her friends and often hated being told that she had a posh accent or she did something high class like her little finger sticking away from the cup when drinking. Her free spirit wanted more than to live among side her ‘snobby’ fake society. Her parents were both very important architects and spent much time abroad, leaving their daughter to do most of the house-work, cooking - practically everything a young girl  shouldn’t. She often went from the most depressing of moods to being the happiest girl you could ever meet, the moods changing quicker than anyone could notice.

One day when her parents were away as usual, she was invited to a party. When drugs began to get involved, Nina realized taking them was the only time she felt truly free and began to take more and more until she was completely dependent on it. Days passed by, and with nobody to ell her when was enough, Nina continued to do a larger and larger amount of Cannabis at any one time. When her parents returned a few days later to come home to a the drugged up woman that she had transformed into, they immediately sent her away to get better, knowing her addiction was too strong to try and sort out by themselves. Nina always says that she hates it in the asylum, but truthfully, she’d rather be there than go home - at least here she can get hold of Cannabis, whereas at home her parents would probably never let her out of their sights again.

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pokegal1920 asked:

Hey I heard you wanted to do some battles! My FC is 1993-9342-0199 IGN is Kaitlyn and its totally cool if you can't right now Also what time is it in your time zone currently and when does the Cyndaquil giveaway start??? I really want one!!!

Absolutely! I’m about to battle xd001shadowlugia, but I would love to battle you right after! I added you :) What kind of battle would you like to have? (Doubles, VGC, Triples, OU, UU..etc.) :) 

And it is currently 3:12pm in my time zone and I suppose I can start it at 4pm if that works for you :)

dameastra asked:

For the friend safari exchange, have you've added me yet?

Oops no in havent! Thank you for reminding me! What was your FC? Mine is 1993-9342-0199

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Alexander McQueen dress / Black dress / Crop top / Anna Kosturova white crop top / Eileen Fisher sleeveless top / Topshop top / Delivering Happiness red shirt / LA Hearts knit cardigan / Maison Jules sleeveless top / LA Hearts long sleeve sweater / LA Hearts black sweater / Under Armour sleeveless top / Glamour Kills racerback tank / Crop top / Lace top / Workshop racerback tank / Racerback tank / White crop top / Nollie racerback tank / Hooded coat / Hudson Jeans jacket / Volcom parka jacket / Juicy Couture jacket / RVCA shorts / Current/Elliott denim shorts / High-waisted shorts / Paige Denim skinny jeans / Blank Denim blue jeans / Jeans / Juicy Couture skinny jeans / River Island shorts / High-waisted shorts / Full Tilt clothing / Forever 21 clothing / H M beanie hat / Giraffe print scarve / Flower crown / Giraffe print scarve / Beauty product / Girls Dresses Rompers Clearance / BKR Silicone + Glass Water Bottle in Jet / Camera OH SNAP Heathered Slouchy Pullover long sleeve Girls Ladies…

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hi!!! my friend code is 2509-2206-6122 if u wanted to exchange :)

Thanks! My FC is 1993-9342-0199 but I got grounded while trying to do a giveaway but I can add you next Thursday!