So I do this thing where I collect “souvenirs” - usually just ticket stubs or other miscellaneous things - from the events and things I do throughout the year, and I’ve been collaging them on my wall by my desk (so I can see them all the time). It was too hard to to get a picture of them all in one shot and still be recognizable, but hopefully these pics do them justice!

From top to bottom, left to right:

  • Flyer from The Loft’s Rocky Horror Midnight Picture Show, one of the funnest and craziest nights of first semester with my roommates.
  • Wristband from the Walk The Moon concert in Phoenix
  • Ticket from the Walk The Moon concert in Phoenix
  • VHS movie ticket, one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen (also at The Loft)
  • Pitch Perfect advertisement from when we got a free early screening of the hilarious movie at our school
  • Breaking Dawn and Perks of Being a Wallflower movie tickets - can you guess which one I liked better?
  • Struck by Lightning movie ticket at the Scottsdale International Film Festival, one of the best buys of 2012 and one of the best films of the year
  • Wristband from my sister’s band competition
  • The Hulk sticker from my dear Liz, because Bruce Banner.
  • Inspecting Carol ticket, the play that Morgan did costumes for last semester
  • Next to Normal musical ticket from the night I met AJ Holmes of Team Starkid
  • Obama Biden 2012 bumper sticker I wasn’t allowed to put on my car
  • VHS flyer from The Loft
  • Photo booth pictures from that time all four of us tried to fit into a 2x2 seat and failed
  • Avenue Q ticket from when it was performed at my school

I hope this grows to be even bigger this upcoming semester!

Common Denominator.

Take time to read this.

Oo, yung kanta ni JB. Nung unang beses kaming magkita, yan yung tugtog sa IPod ko. Naaalala ko pa yun kasi excited talaga ako at gustong gusto ko yang kanta na yan. After 11 months, yan din yung huling kanta na kinanta sa akin.

Nasa kwarto niya kami nun. Tapos pinatugtog niya yung Just The Way You Are at Common Denominator na yan, gumalaw galaw pa nga yung kamay niya na parang sumasayaw at dine-dedicate sa akin. At his sweet and good voice were singing the songs that I really love since. Sweet siya sa akin and nothing would be sweeter noong araw na yun. Until he broke up with me, the same day. Iyak ako ng iyak at halos lumuhod na ko sa harap niya para hindi lang siya mawala.

May bago na pala siyang mahal at nagsasawa na daw siya sakin. After all the things that I’ve done for him. Puro na lang daw kasi kami away, nagdahilan pa siya na pupunta siya sa USA pero hindi naman pala.

Hinatid niya ko sa may sakayan. I looked at him tapos nung sumakay ako ng jeep, that was the last time I saw him.

  • And that is the reason kung bakit marami na kong kinamumuhiang kanta. Lalo na yung mga kanta ni JB at Chris Brown.

wip~ folklore project

the story was there was a nymph and she helped a small village a lot and she liked this guy but the guy is gonna get married so she gives him a wedding dress and pearls for his soon-to-be wife, but the bitch didnt even wanna wear em. so the nymph disappeared and was rumored that she became the mountain to protect the village.

Quién va a sacar a pasear a su perrito hoy? <3

Pendientes he leído que se están robando a las mascotas.

Y por otro lado dentro del mismo tema, queria comentarles a quienes no sabían que @asodepa ha sido robado, quedando sin insumos, además de una lamentable perdida de 12 gatitos (murieron cruelmente). Que el refugio estará cerrado temporalmente (sin aire acondicionado no pueden realizar las jornadas de esterilización, principal fuente de ingresos de su autogestión). Así que quien desee colaborar puede transferir o depositar a la cuenta:

RIF J-30865398-5
Cuenta corriente #0116 0126 0600 1139 5273
Correo electrónico refugio.asodepa@gmail.com

Neymar Jr Funny Japanese TV Commercial [01:16]

Neymar Jr Funny Japanese TV Commercial [01:16]

Neymar Jr Funny Japanese TV Commercial

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[116]: You could run. You could run up the stairs, get to the top of the mountain, let your team die so that you can survive. As one of those in betweeners, they who fight now. Do you want that? Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky, maybe one of them will manage to get up the stairs, you can both go home. You just have to let the rest die. Do you want that? Or, there’s one last thing you can do. You can take advantage of this new position and turn the battle to your favor. Do you want that? If you want to run, to be safe, go to the top and wait. If you want to fight, here’s what you’re going to need to do. You have speed. Go as fast as you can, faster than they can see. Don’t bother fighting Raven, they aren’t human anymore, you don’t know how to kill them. The others, though, are still human, if only barely. And a human can’t survive without their head, now can they? You’re behind fire and train. Good luck, Ms. Rose. Aim for their throats.

You let out a wince at the sudden pain going through your brain. Your head fills itself with visions of what you could do, if you got back, if you picked up the scythe you’d dropped flying, if you aimed at the heads. You think your body is shaking, but you don’t move yet.

You still have the choice.

[116] Get to the finish, if your partner is still alive you both get out right?

You turn your head toward the battle. The fight is still raging. But the rules seemed to have changed; instead of being a fight to stop your team to go forward, now it looks like a fight to stop the Betweeners to reach you.

You turn your head toward the top of the mountain. It’s close, closer than you’ve ever been before. This is probably a one-time opportunity.

You make your choice.

You really, really hope one reaching the top is enough to save the whole team.

- - -

It’s cold.

It’s the first thing you register once you stop running. You’re panting, shaking, but there’s no time to lose; each second lost could also be a life lost.

In front of you, sit against a large rock, there is a girl.

She looks peaceful, almost sleeping; she has red, curly hair, a freckled skin, a pink bow in one hand…

Except she isn’t a girl.

Her left side, showing metal under scattered skin and destroyed wires, proves you so.

Slowly, the girls open her eyes, light flickering weakly in them- and raises an arm. Or tries to, anyway. Something seems to go wrong, judging by the sudden electricity coming out of the broken wires. After a couple more attempts, she gives up and raises her other arm with jerky, unsure movements. For a second, you think she’s trying to attack, but.. It’s obvious that her intentions aren’t aggressive.

Actually, it almost looks like she wants to shake hands.

[0117] Shake hands?