One year has flown by! Today marks a whole year in the fitblr community! Most of the changing that has taken place over the year hasn’t actually been my body transforming. The majority of the change has been mental.

Yes I’ve lost a few centimetres off my waist, but I’ve lost 75% of negative thoughts and redirected them to creating positive energy around me. I’ve gained strength and muscle mass, but I’ve also gained a huge expansion in my knowledge.

And how did I achieve this? By you! My support, my friends, my sisters from other misters. All of my goals have been fuelled and achieved by the help and love of you! I can not describe my love for all of you, even if we don’t talk at all!  As I’m younger I’ve become quite the little sister to all of you and I can never be more thankful. The big sister role that you all play constantly switches between the mother and the best friend, and I think that’s wonderful! I am so grateful and lucky to call you all my friends.

I’d like to say thank you to fitpositively and lets-get-fit-madafaka, who have been with me since literally day 1. The moment I created my blog they reached out to me and welcomed me into the beautiful fitblr community. Without their guiding hands I would have left tumblr after a week. I’d also like to say thanks to the beautiful friends and sisters I’ve gained along the way: the ever beautiful shining sunalwaysshining , the kind and caring and compassionate kaitlifts, the gorgeous loving birdyally, the determined and sweetheart runningmandz​  the gentle passionate justdoitdaily-fitblr the sweet and inspiring calves-tho, the amazing incredible firmfit the beautiful badass barbellcutie and my smart and motherly Jo Jo storyunraveled

Moving forward into the next chapter of my fitness journey my goals have shifted. I know all of you support and love me and I support and love you, so these new goals will definitely be achievable.

I’m currently trying to hold back tears as I write because you have all helped me come so far in my life. Without you all I’d be lost, so don’t even for a second think that you aren’t worth something because you are all shining beautiful stars that I love. Please feel free to message me whenever you need to chat, as it’s only my time to return the beautiful kindness and support you have given me.

Thank you all, I’m sending lots of love to you. :)