1) Leaving will hurt. Missing them will hurt. But loving them will hurt more.
2) Acting like you are THE shit will make you feel like THE shit.
3) If they ignore you, ignore them. 100% effective in pissing shitty people off.
4) Not every hurtful thing said to you was intended to actually hurt you. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt.
5) There are a lot of fire metaphors for love and they’re all true.
6) It’ll take a really long time before you’re able to listen to the songs you sang together again.
7) Only one or two people will actually take you up on your offer when you say “if you need someone, I’m here.” It means they trust you, don’t ever fuck with that. Ever.
8) Acknowledging that someone did something shitty doesn’t mean you can’t admire them anymore.
9) You’ll feel empty without him. It doesn’t mean you are.
10) Paranoia and jumpiness is an unavoidable side effect. Acting like you are not having an issue will not do anything for you.
11) If you want to die because he won’t answer your texts, the relationship is toxic.
12) Every thing you do will remind you of him for a while.
13) It’s nearly impossible to talk about mental illness without using metaphors.
14) It wasn’t your fault. It was never your fault.
15) No emotion lasts forever. This also means that you’ll feel great about yourself for about a month then attempt suicide a week before your sixteenth birthday.
16) Your best friend has seen the pure joy on your face when you talk about him. She’s also held you while you were drunk and sobbing because he wasn’t there. She’s also listened to you rant and cry and scream. She’s also ran her fingers across the scars that he caused. She can see past the love-goggles. She knows this isn’t safe. Listen to her.
—  sixteen things i learned the year i turned sixteen (x)

16 things I’ve learned by 16

1. Love yourself. I guarantee you will be happier.

2. Be open to other’s opinions. Despite what you think, you are not always right. Don’t keep yourself from the opportunity of learning from others.

3. Always stick up for what you believe in, even if it doesn’t agree with popular opinion. Your opinion and beliefs matter too.

4. Sometimes you will be at fault and that’s okay. Saying sorry doesn’t say you’re weak it shows courage for admitting you were wrong.

5. Eat whatever you want and enjoy it. Don’t spend ridiculous time reading labels seeing how many calories are in something. Some people don’t have the luxury of having food labels to read.

6. Don’t let life pass you by. Seize every moment because inevitably it will end. You don’t want to look back on your life and regret the chances you never took.

7. Be observant of the vast world around you. Watch the leaves change, the rain fall, the tides change, the phases of the moon, the sun rise and set, and the starry sky. Take it all in.

8. Appreciate what you have and don’t complain about what you don’t. You are one person of seven billion, be happy you can be apart of that. There is always someone who has less than you and someone who has more.

9. A boy will break your heart but kissing strangers won’t bring him back. You don’t need him to be happy.

10. Don’t blame others for your failure. They’re not responsible for you. You are responsible for you.

11. Set a goal and achieve it. Work for it, odds are it won’t come easy.

12. Accept compliments. When someone says your hair looks good don’t say I didn’t even brush it, say thank you and walk away knowing your hair looks fucking great.

13. Have meaningful conversation with meaningful people. Talk about death, politics, sex, aliens, the meaning of life, and what you want to accomplish. Words can change the world, don’t use them to hurt others.

14. Don’t live in the past wishing you could take something back or do it differently. It happened and it’s over, don’t let it ruin the present. Live in the now.

15. Go on adventures. Climb a mountain and scream when you get to the top, go on a road trip and sleep in your car, go to the ocean and listen to the waves crashing the shore. Be spontaneous.

16. Appreciate the people who love you. If you love someone let them know. No one can read minds.

—  midnight induced thoughts