The LeadByte Guide to: not being a Spammer

Spam -Irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to large numbers of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.

- A tinned meat product made mainly from ham


Be relevant - Why have I received this message? Why is it relevant to me? Why should I open it?

As an email marketer you should put yourself in the recipient’s position asking your self these questions and aim to answer them in the subject line to get those opens.

Being relevant can be with personalisation, by data you hold on that lead, name, location or gender, in yourLead Management Platform. Or it could be relevant on a time basis, are your emails set up as auto responders, will it be relevant to that consumer that day because they’ve just applied for a loan and you’re sending financial advice emails?

Don’t be unsolicited - One simple way to avoid getting unsubscribed from or even complained about is to be upfront and tell the recipient why they’re receiving your messages and where they gave their information. A lot of complaints come from consumers misunderstanding how online lead generation works and the common complaint of “how did you get my info?!” can be remedied by telling them straight away, before they even have to ask!

So you could include a small disclaimer in the header “ We’re sending you this info because you signed up for one of our partner newsletters on”

Be selective - Your entire list isn’t going to respond to your messages in the same way. The best way to improve response rates is to target those most likely to respond. Try sending an extra message a day to the ‘opens’ in your list.

Not only will this reap a higher click rate but you will improve your IP reputation and secure an improved position in inboxes. Most importantly you will save money by sending to fewer people but just those most responsive.

Lay off the hard sell (sometimes) - The whole point of your email marketing efforts is obviously to sell your product or service but mixing it up a bit with a soft sell email or informative message can do wonders for your IP reputation, you open rates in the future and a bit of good PR.

For example - Intersperse your “buy 2 t-shirts for £10” emails with a “see what t-shirts celebrities are wearing this week” email. It will make you more likeable and your IP more inbox friendly.

These are just a snap shot of the (seemingly endless) tips and tricks to avoid becoming a spam bot. Please feel free to add any of your own suggestions below in the comments to help other email marketers.

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