• Ruki:iPhone6 is seriously disappointing. I'm rethinking it...
  • Ruki:I mean, this is my personal opinion, but when I hold it the weird roundness and hugeness of it feel kinda bad. I'll buy it at some point since I guess it won't be getting any smaller.
  • Ruki:Seems that people who've been using Android and other smartphones didn't feel it was weird at all!
  • Ruki:But it's difficult to hold in one hand and it doesn't feel like it fits properly at all (´._.ˋ)
  • Ruki:Okay, I'll ask Reita to let me feel his again.
  • Ruki:I know that what makes a good fit isn't the shape (laugh) I've only held it.
  • Ruki:I’m so extremely disappointed at the iPhone6. I’m feeling lost.
  • Ruki:no, it’s just my personal opinion, but when I was holding it, the roundness and hugeness of this delicate body, I just felt like 'hmmm'. I’ll buy it some day but I guess it won’t get any smaller, huh.
  • Ruki:somehow it seems like people who were using androids or other smart phones are not feeling uncomfortable at all!
  • Ruki:the fact that holding it in one hand is kinda painful is not smart at all, is it now (´._.ˋ)
  • Ruki:alright, I’ll have Reita let me touch his again.
  • Ruki:an ok smartphone = I know it’s not about the shape (lol) but I was only holding it.