Happy 33rd birthday to the best vocalist, Ruki ♡ I wish him many years of happiness, I wish him health, inspiration, satisfaction. I hope all his dreams will come true because he deserves it. I hope he will become even more cheerful and radiant and that he will have strength and motivation to pursue his dreams and goals.


It’s already 1st of February in Japan, so… 

☆*:.。.  Happy Birthday Ruki!  .。.:*☆

☆*:.。.  お誕生日おめでとうございますルキ! .。.:*☆

Even if I want to say so many things, I can’t… I can’t because I admire, respect and love this man so much, that it scares me sometimes… I wish him all the happiness, health and love in the world! I’ll allow myself to go overboard and I’ll put one of my favourite quotes, because everytime I read it, I think about him… Yeah, it might be weird and crazy, but I can’t help it xD 

"I love the ground under his feet, and the air over his head, and every thing he touches, and every word he says. I love all his looks and all his actions, and him entirely and altogether…"