around and around (Senyuu fanfiction)

Title: around and around
Characters: Alba, Ros, Ruki
Summary: "I wish for your happiness and nothing more." /Happy birthday, Ruki!
Notes: Fweeh. Didn’t finish in time for the anniversary or Ruki’s birthday. Anyway, this story is kind of a celebration for both.

Before reading this though, I highly advise reading this comic from pixiv, since the story is basically almost a novelization of it with some very minor changes. I did use dialogue from the comic, so you can kind of take it as an imperfect translation as well… Well, please enjoy, and bookmark and rate the artist if you like the comic.

Ah, for those who are confused at the “Prez” in here; in (canon) Senyuu school AUs, Alba is usually president of some club or another. Ros calls him “club president”, but that’s a mouthful, so the common translation I’ve seen is just to call him “Prez”. It looks weird to me, but what can you do?

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