V.A.’s page has been redesigned and is now called “V.A. net”. This month, the page brings in Ruki’s column “RUKI の 万 屋" from november’s edition of the magazine "V.A.". In this edition he talks about his favorite movies. Click here to view.

The list of movies mentioned in the column: 

1. “The Usual Suspects”

2.  ”Identity” 

3. “Matchstick Men” 

4. “Basic” 

5. “Face/Off”

Ruki's Hands

There is a moment I used to be annoyed with Ruki using his hands a lot. I was in theatre/choir in high school and they would teach us not to use our hands too much. Now I see why…but it’s a positive and a negative effect on the performance. There were times I want to focus on his face and pinpoint his facial expression but I can’t because when his hands shows up that’s where my eyes go…so most of the time I am looking at his hands.

While watching Ibitsu PV I literally counted how many times Ruki’s hands showed up on the screen. Now you might be thinking, that’s impossible because he is holding the microphone. I don’t count those, but its when he puts emphasis in certain parts is where I usually count them (ex. hand over his face or eyes, hand moving to the left, hand going towards the camera, etc.) I get a good laugh outta myself because I literally am not paying attention to the song but on Ruki’s hands (distraction). There are times when I just have to ignore it and try to pay attention but I end up LOSING. Still…he does have nice hands I just wish at certain moments when he touches himself…oh dear…I CANT! I JUST CANT!!!