I was expecting a nice, relaxing ride with Tigger today. But things on an 8,000 acre ranch are hardly ever calm. Olo, our best summer customer horse went missing. So Tig and I saddled up and went on the hunt. Any time he brings his pistol is not good. We were expecting to find her on the ground with a snapped leg, and rode for over 3 hours in search.

Turns out she had somehow gotten over a fence and was chillin with the winter herd. That bitch.

Also, peeing in the woods while wearing long underwear, tight jeans and chaps is not easy.


I was challenged by Olly to post 10 horse photos from my phone. Admittedly, because my phone is old and dying and on it’s last legs, I can’t too photos on my phone. So these are photos from my computer that I always keep on my phone. 

All of my chestnut ponies <3

I challenge spankmeniall, thecityhorse, becauseisareason, craigslisthorses, and brookeali

1) Zeus right after I pulled his mane for the first time. Too cute!

2) High energy Zeus running around after a week off of work

3) Zeus going over fences for the first time

4) Zeus and I leaving from a clinic off-property. Cute and silhouette-y.

5) One of my most favorite pictures of Red, circa 2010. 

6) Red and his long lost friend Comet being reunited in retirement. Makes me tear up every time.

7) This photo is what my parents call “the moment”. The moment they knew I’d be taking Red home. This is February 2009. 

8) Zeus in the sunshine

9) Another favorite of Red - in his button braids as we’re getting ready to leave the show where we were champions

NOLA - French Quarter 009

Bold colors, ornamental eve brackets, wrought-iron banisters and window shutters are some of the architectural elements of the houses you’ll pass as you walk the streets of the French Quarter neighborhood in New Orleans, LA.