Today we witnessed the passing of a member of one of K-pop’s Rising Girl Group in a serious car accident - Ladies’ Code EunB

Our condolences to her friends & family.


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#RIPEunB trends #1 worldwide on Twitter as fans mourn death of 22-year-old singer, Ladies' Code EunB


Fans have taken to Twitter to show their grief and mourn the loss of 22-year old singer and Ladies’ Code member, Eun B. 

The hashtag, #RIPEunB began to immediately trend worldwide, with fans sharing photos, videos and their messages to her and her loved ones.

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Pray for Ladies' Code!


Today is such a sad day for the K-pop comunity, im not even a fan of them but im terrified of what happened. EunB is the exact same age as me, she had so much to live for, i hope her soul is in peace. To the other two members i’ll send them my prayers, i hope they get out of this ok. OK they will never actually be, they just lost one of their members, one of their sisters.

Pray for Sojung and RiSe!

Rest in peace little EunB =’(