suddenly really want the opening to Cap 3 to be a replay of the train, re-shot from different angles to really mess with the perception of what happened and who’s POV this is supposed to be and the sound is harsh and abrasive and too loud and you can hear the bullets ricochet and the guns blast, the klnnng of the shield against metal and you can really hear how raspy Bucky’s breath is and how calm Steve sounds and then

"Bucky look out"

and the blast of the laser and the cacophony of the shield and the guns and the side of the train and metal on metal being torn apart and then just the wind the air howling and screeching and the metal groaning underneath Bucky’s hands and barely hearing Steve call out and the wind the wind the wind

and no music and no lead up just the wind and “take my hand” and the wind and then the drop-

and then he jerks awake and tries to catch his breath and all the audience sees is this figure in shadow in bed, trying to find his footing again, and you can’t really tell if it’s Steve or if it’s Bucky

because it doesn’t really matter, because they both dream about the damn train.