The whovengers post no one asked or was ready for

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Rose jiggled the door handle and let out a frustrated sigh. She looked around, spotting someone standing a few feet away. “Excuse me, do you happen to know how to pick a lock? I left my keys inside my flat.” Wow that sounds like you’re trying to break in, Rose. Nice choice of words. Hopefully they don’t think you’re trying to break in.


justamaninthebluebox said:

The Doctor winced the first beams of sunlight that crept through the window, rolling over and curling against Khan form as her pulled the covers higher and over his head. "We should stay in today." He murmured as he gently nuzzles his lovers shoulder


"I agree. The rest of the world can forget any and all plans it had for me today," Khan agreed with a grumble, turning over to nuzzle back into the Doctor and leave the stray beam of light to the other side of the bed. "And you, for that matter."

justamaninthebluebox said:

If you were mine I'd give whatever you needed. I revel in the moments share with you, and if you wanted to spend them cascading through space and time together I'd do that . . . but if you'd rather have a domestic life or .. . a family, I would give you that as well

And if you were mine I would let you be as you are. I’d keep you free of feelings of obligation, because as much as you would sacrifice for me I would sacrifice for you. Whether it’s a normal life or a life of travel, whatever we chose together is what I would make peace with.