Hail Mary Mallon (Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic)’s Bestiary drops in a little over TWO WEEKS! Check out the new Bosko Jackson animation for this snippet of “Dollywood”, one of the tracks from the upcoming album.


Question: Do you see him getting a happy ending?

Carlyle: I don’t know. I really don’t know. To be honest, it’s… I think if you start to think of the characters like that then you’re going to start to lose the essence of what they are. Ultimately, they’re not meant for that world. The other characters — Snow White, Charming or whoever it is — these are the happy ending people. So whether these other ones get to that place or not is up to the creators. For me, I just don’t think it would be honest to do that. I think life just ain’t like that. You know, there’s good people and bad people.


check out this quote from the same interview

I find this very, very interesting - especially since it’s pretty different from everything else the cast/producers have said about the show’s stance on happy endings

Idunno, maybe I’m a weiiiiirdo, but if someone says they’re uncomfortable with certain behavior or thoughts they’ve seen expressed by people in my movement, I would feel like, as someone who truly cares about people and wants to make a difference, I should listen to why this person feels uncomfortable with a thing people who identify with my cause are doing.

Instead of just baring my teeth at them and dismissing them as being an ucky person when I really know nothing about them.

If I do know some about them, it’s still important to me to listen. Because then we can talk about it and I can maybe say, “Yeah, unfortunately like any cause, there are people that initially have their heart in the right place but then they end up doing really gross things anyway—And I understand why that makes you uncomfortable, I feel the same way! If you like, I can share with you what the people within my circle in this cause believe and what we definitely do not.” And that is most of the time going to be soooo much more effective than just yelling at them for not understanding something, or, for being wrong. People are gonna be wrong. Sometimes there’s literally no helping it. I can explain for 2 hours why I do not like how most guys are socialized when it comes to dating and how a lot of it can be really dangerous for people and this dudebro may never get it. He may think I’m delusional and shake his head and say I’m paranoid or rude for not responding to forward men hitting on me on the street. I did all I could. I talked to him and explained why I feel this way and why I believe there is a huge problem with the way dating and gender and sex is “supposed” to be and how it harms people, etc.

But maybe I just don’t care enough if I’m not snarling all over people 100% of the time. (・◇・)/~~~