Detective Conan Characters- Dancing

Megure and crew

Ran and Kazuha



Sera (punching out half the dance floor)


Jii and Bayaa





Conan (I am genius)



Akako and her boy kingdom

Kid on Nakamori’s head because truth

Shinichi and Ran (And the rest of the OTPs)


5, 8, 27
Me right now
Me w someone else
Me dressed up

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What is the list of problematic haim fans

The whole fandom is problematic! Here you go anon:

zecretary slabsdanielleestehaim esthtehaim meh-kenna the-4th-haim wolfconquerer bluewavves dyellllas rhyleej denimcladfucker timeforhaim martindoherty daysare-gone diminnuendo wassuppopsicles gayforhaim gin-givenchy-gastronomy ship-to-wreck thisisahaimblog infinitelysaved mariagiorgi haimallthetime rockinhaim basssface prime-haim haimpireweekend korrabou teenhag haphazardinfinie mysong420 thebandhaim dyelllle

I’m sorry if I forgot anybody, not sorry if I included you, truth is we are all sinners, but y’all my problematic faves :)

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you don't know me, but I'm sure you're willing to draw Bubblegum with the n°10 palette (bonus for a little Marceline). YOU PUZZY

Yesss, sure i don’t know you -v- <3
Here’s PB on a lazy sunday morning still in her jams (but always with her crown on)


I forgot Marce before i’m sorry

(Based on this wonderful color palette!)

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Prompt idea? Meta-Caitlin and Barry being frustrated that only Ronnie can come near or touch her. (Fighting the feeling/denial type thing.) have a good night/day! :)

title | call it karma, call it bad luck, call it a cruel twist of fate

notes | Here you go anon. I’m not sure this is quite what you were looking for, it’s more an angst-fest then denial. I’ve got another similar prompt, so I will definitely try and rework this idea the other way as well but hopefully this will suffice for the moment.

If there exists a lifetimeachievement award for poor timing, Barry Allen is no doubt a front-runner. If competition even exists in his bracket, they are likely distant echoes of brief ironies that pale in comparison because really, how can this be happening again? How can he, once again, have fallen in love with the wrong woman, at the wrong time? He’s never been one to believe in fate, but he’s running out of logical explanations for how on Earth this can keep happening.

Maybe it’s karma. Maybe it’s bad luck. Maybe he just needs start opening his own two eyes a little earlier. Maybe he needs to start learning from his mistakes and saying something before it’s too damn late. 

Except, he’s pretty sure it doesn’t really matter anymore. It’s already too damn late and he’s definitely sure he never wants to fall in love and do this all over again. Iris had been his first love and watching his chance with her slip through his fingers (repeatedly because thank you time travel) had been painful. It had torn him apart, left him a shell of his usual buoyant personality but he had recovered and moved on. 

But Caitlin? Caitlin is the true love he’s always believed in and he knows, watching them from across the lab, that there will be no recovering from this.

When her powers had begun to develop, it had snapped into place all the little pieces that were swimming around in the back of his mind, all the little misinterpreted emotions that he’d been passing off as friendship for over a year. The thought of losing her, of her uncontrollable powers draining away the woman he had come to rely on so much, left him devastated in a way he hadn’t been since the night he watched his mother die. In that moment, watching her skin pale and her eyes drain of their dancing warmth, he knew he was in love with her and there was nothing he wouldn’t do to keep her safe. 

It’s a knife to the gut to realize the only thing that can do that is her former fiancé. Only Firestorm’s constant warmth has been able to balance out the effects of Killer Frost’s chill, despite their many, increasingly desperate attempts to find an alternate solution. 

Barry’s pained gaze focuses on the way they’re curled together, standing a little ways apart from everyone else. Without really meaning to, he thinks back to that afternoon, so very long ago, when he’d first worked up the courage to ask Caitlin about Ronnie and she’d smiled that far away, wistful smile and told him about the nicknames he’d given them: fire and ice. They’re so appropriate now that it breaks his heart into tiny pieces, like the shattered surface of a lake, and then sets those pieces ablaze.

It only hurts worse when her gaze catches his, startlingly blue now but still achingly familiar anyway, and he can read the way she feels torn in two and he knows, dammit he knows, that she’s feeling all the same things he is.

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every time u post a selfie i gotta take a deep breath and calm down tbh

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