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Alistair x Roselyn Cousland

The landsmeet was over.

Ferelden had a new King and the traitor Loghain had been executed in a manner which befitted his crimes.

The whole experience had gone more smoothly than anyone could have anticipated. Ser Cauthrian had managed to see reason and kept her life. Most of the nobles in attendance backed Roselyn’s arguments, bolstered by Anora’s eventual support.

Even when Roselyn had turned back on her word and supported Alistair’s claim to the throne, things had remained peaceful. Though Anora’s glare spoke volumes whenever she and Roselyn met eyes across the hall.

Only Alistair was despondent and begrudged with the out come.

There was no desire within him to be King. But, as usual, no one listened to him. Not even Roselyn, the woman he adored, had listened to him. And, on top of being an unwilling King, he was now engaged. That part wasn’t such a problem, he could live with being engaged and marrying her.

He wished it he and Roselyn had become engaged on their own terms. That she had not just sprung it on him in front of the whole Landsmeet.
The only other person who had a face more sour than his own, was Arl Eamon. Alistair had asked him several times over the evening why he looked so cross, but Eamon only smiled at him and told him it was nothing.

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anonymous asked:

Okay okay, hear me out please! So, in the Origins, the Warden can romance Alistair but disappears several years later after the final battle. But what if the Warden was killed in the final battle of Origins? Imagine in Inquisition or 2, romancing Alistair and having that come up in conversation. How raw, deep and painful that still fresh emotional wound must be for him!

It’s your lucky day, anon! eternalshiva is writing an Inquisitor/Alistair fic that includes that EXACT scene and it is amazing! 

Chapters 1 and 2 are already up. (chapter 2 includes that very conversation and it is perfection. Glorious, angsty perfection.) 


What did you all think of this moment?!? #RoundOneFight! #FinishHer #Fatality #RuPaulsDragRace


Mortal Kombat X: All Fatalities and X-Rays So Far in 1080p 60fps

Deidara’s Fatality

Chapter: One
Characters: Deidara and Sasori
Pairings: None.
Genres: Drama, Action, Violence
Warning: Character deaths, gore, language
Summary: Deidara pays the ultimate price after going against the orders of the Puppet Master. However, he doesn’t go down without a fight.
Notes: Please do not tag this as Sasori / Deidara since it will mislead others.

Sand paper in hand, alone in his room, the puppeteer smoothed the surface of a ball joint, blowing away any wooden particles from the round form. He placed it on a holding rack before grabbing a long blade and scraped a water stone along its edge until it was no longer dull. He then dipped the sword into a vat of poison and installed it into a puppet’s torso. After sealing the marionette into a scroll, he was ready to inform his partner of the mission they were given. To assassinate the Mizukage. Sasori only hoped the other member was fully prepared as he left his workshop. He knocked on Deidara’s room.

”AH shit! Stupid thing-” Deidara grunted as his hairbrush got stuck in his hair for the fourth time. Leaving it in, he gave up on the task and started rumbling in one of his drawers. The young blond celebrated cheerfully when he found the item he was looking for and was just about to cut the brush loose as someone knocked on his door.

“Yes hm.” Was said as he laid eyes on his partner. He himself were still half dressed and with the scissor tight in his hand.

What a mess. Grey eyes glanced at the trail of clothing which lead to the teen battling with something entangled in his hair. Young folks these days… “Are you honestly still preoccupied?” The puppet held up the mission scroll. “I informed you about this an hour ago so I wouldn’t have to wait any longer.” He connected the reason of those scissors to the brush. Sasori thought of cutting the blond strands instead but would hear an earful of ‘ruining’ the explosive expert’s hair.

Deidara brushed the scroll away and turned his heel to return to his mirror, thinking it was best not to delay things further. “I would have been ready but I can’t find anything in this mess!” He cut the brush out and frowned at the damage it had caused his perfect hair. “Don’t lecture me, I’ve just had a few bad days, hm.” The blond locks were ripped out of the brush and thrown into the trash bin with quite the force. “I can’t find my scope; can you look for it while I get dressed? Hm.”

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anonymous asked:

okay so i really want to write for my inquisitor and cullen? but like i don't have any prompts to work off of. so can i ask if you can think of any? sorry if im bothering you!

No bother, anon <3 

Hmm… here’s a blog just for otp prompts

I find that the best prompts come when you write out a scene that you wish had happened in the game but didn’t. For example, I’m going to write a fic where King Alistair comes up help take back Redcliffe and winds up in Alexius’ dark future. 

Here are some basic suggestions:    

  • Post-Adamant where the Inquisitor walks out of the Fade and Cullen runs to her because he’s so glad she’s alive. 
  • If she’s Lavellan, perhaps showing the struggles between cultures. The friction and then the eventual bonding over time. (same with a mage, actually)
  • The Inquisitor caring for him when Cullen is wounded or vise versa. 
  • The pair of them training together or even sparring. 
  • The first time Cullen/Inquisitor realizes they like the other. 

It doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to be original. If you see an idea you like you should write it out, even it there’s already a dozen versions of it. Your characters and your style will still make it unique. Also! Asking for prompts in the Cullen tag can work really well. That’s how I got prompts when I first started writing.