I know this is a temporary thing

I know Damon is going to move heaven and hell for Bonnie

and I have no doubts he will succeed, so I should be patient

But it still hurts that there will be no more vampcakes

no more dancing to songs from the 90s

no more grocery shopping together

no more living together like a fucking married couple

it all hurts too much, ya feel me?



HZT-ao Meipai update 141030 - 马上要离开你两天了 好舍不得
I have to leave you soon for 2 days..so reluntant


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tommy heavenly6 - i’m your devil halloween remix // anna tsuchiya - lucifer // maa - ghost enemy // meg - kiss or bite // kyary pamyu pamyu - fashion monster // aural vampire - soloween // sekai no owari - death disco // tommy heavenly6 - i want your blood // kaela kimura - wonder volt // ayumi hamasaki - marionette // kanon wakeshima - still doll // sheena ringo - poltergeist // olivia - sugarbloodsuckers // halloween junky orchestra - halloween party


You guys remember that “Die Young” animation?

Well, it’s done.

*DISCLAIMER* I don’t own any of the content in this video, I’m just sharing it with the world.

okay ladies and gentlemans its that time of the year again

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if you ship/watch these shows,please. gonna try and make this organised and all  

  • Shameless US - gallavich, basically and have no notps really. 
  • BBCs Sherlock/Sherlock Movies(RDJr/JLaw)
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Hannibal (TV Series)
  • Arrow (Olicity)
  • Orphan Black
  • PLL (Aria is A ha)
  • True Blood (lets not remind pll thats is over okay its not)
  • The Office US (again the same)
  • Parcs and Rec
  • SOA (if you mention the finale i’ll kill you)
  • The 100
  • OUAT 
  • Gotham
  • The Flash


  1. Dylan Obrien
  2. One Direction
  3. basically the cast of every show i mention before
  4. Natalie Dormer


  • klaroline. 
  • stony
  • larry/ziam
  • Captain Swan 
  • Outlaw Queen and everything cannon basically
  • bellarke
  • Superfamily Cannons

Theres a lot of marvel, aswell. 

REALLY need more Orphan Black & Gotham/the 100 too!!


#gekkanshoujoweekDAY 5: FIRSTS - first appearance (manga & anime)

"It's so great! He likes the pickles I don't like!"

That’s a direct quote.

Overhearing a co-worker’s effusive rundown of all the ways she is in love with her husband (they’re not even newlyweds) only makes me think one thing: I truly hope to be so disgustingly in love with someone—and to have that someone so disgustingly in love with me—someday because otherwise, MY GOD, hearing a person gush over things like pickles will be for nothing.

And please don’t get me wrong, the little things are the big things. Always. But it’s abundantly clear how many little things there really are when someone shares a daily inventory with people who haven’t even asked.

Related: I’m PMSing. Everything is irritating. Even (and especially) other people’s love. I’M SORRY, PEOPLE DISGUSTINGLY IN LOVE. I’M SORRY. TELL ME ABOUT IT IN 5-7 DAYS.