Here's the thing...

Do I expect Meryl and Maks to appear on my tragically small television tomorrow night and announce their engagement or marriage or live wedding or second child? No. 

Is it possible that they could appear on my television tomorrow night and announce some sort of relationship or *prayers to Lord Sharna* an engagement? Sure. Anything is possible. To be fair though, maybe not a second child…

As a result of anything being possible, it’s also possible that all we see of them is perhaps a fleeting wave as they are mentioned as “last season’s champs who will be dethroned in ten weeks” or something similar. And you know what? I’d still be happy!!! I don’t care how they come back into my life, as long as they come back in some way, which at this point seems very likely based on the info and hints thus far. 


I’m going to live in my fantasy world and dream of all the beautiful possibilities that COULD occur, even if they don’t. And as soon as I’m done watching BB in 15 minutes which just ended because it took me that long to write this, I’ll be putting these dreams into text in the form of a magical, fluffy, full-of-feels Maksyl fic and giving up on my adult responsibilities for the evening so I can get this written and post it ASAP just in case they do announce their engagement tomorrow and then I’m psychic and I quit my job and join the Maksyl CSI Training Academy and I’m like BAM I CALLED IT

sabrina-and-the-diamonds said:

Hey I'm doing an music review on one direction for my school news paper and I really like your post on how on them especially the part when you said this is why "aggressively marketing a band to the youth market does; it makes the average adult want to distance themselves from One Direction" I really want to talk about how people have preconceived judgements on them and I was wondering if you had any ideas in what I could say or how I should go about it?

I’m a little slow and brain-dead to have any particularly clever ideas today, but maybe you could do a blind peer review? 

  1. Take a sample group of 10 people from your school- try to find a good mix, including people who you know to be disdainful of pop music. 
  2. Ask them to name their 5 favourite bands that have been in the charts in the last year and then their 5 least favourite bands from the same time period. 
  3. One at a time, and without telling them it’s a One Direction song, get each of them to listen to Fireproof.
  4. Ask them their opinion on the song and ask if they’d buy the album based on the track. Have them guess the market/demographic the album would be targeted at.
  5. Ask them to guess the artist. If they don’t know or are hesitant to make a guess, ask them to name the bands or songs they think the track is similar to. 
  6. If you wanted, you could repeat this process with Happily and Little Black Dress (or any two other 1D songs which have a very different sound and didn’t get any commercial play)
  7. Reveal the track as being from One Direction’s upcoming album and note their surprise, if any. 
  8. Ask if it changes their opinion of the song or their prior decision about whether they’d buy the album. 
  9. To anyone who is particularly surprised it’s a 1D track, ask what they associate with One Direction’s music. 
  10. Ask them to describe what One Direction looks like. Note whether they describe the boys as they look now, or as they’re always represented on their merchandise. Once they’ve finished their description, show them two pictures of the boys; one in their UAN era matching, colourful outfits, and the other recent, with their scruffy hair and tattoos. Note their surprise, if any. 
  11. Ask if they would buy an album from a band that looked like they used to in UAN. Repeat the question for the current photo. 
  12. If they said they liked Fireproof, ask if they would be willing to tell their friends they liked a One Direction song. If no, why? How do they think their friends would react?
  13. Compare the data in your article and included any relevant quotes from your participants.

Good luck!

lol im still luaghing at people who are head over heels in love with swimming anime but think the rest of kyoani’s ‘moeshit’ works are trash

like free is good, dont get me wrong

but until another series proves me wrong, i honestly think k on will always reign on top of kyoani’s works (well, in this past decade)

k on is plotless but somehow manages to keep to so emotionally attatched to these losers that by the end of season 2, you are crying along with the girls as they realize that they will never have another school festival together. like somehow, over the course of them doing dumbshit like drink tea, k on was able to establish this connection between the girls and the viewer that we are empathetic to simple things like that.

i dont cry at shit. i have cried at 3 media works ever: toy story 3 when andy gives his toys away, homeward bound, and episode 21 of k on. and i can pinpoint why each of those made me cry and its not over some dramatical shit that happened during the series/movie; its because of how emotionally attatched i am to either the series/chracters.

free is good. free is like revamped k on that centers more on the actual plot device (swimming) than k on did. was i taken back and was like ‘HOLY FUCK’ at makoto’s and haru’s argument this past episode? of course. but am i going to cry that makoto is going to a university in tokyo and haru is arguably depressed?

yes, those are heavy things, but honestly, i don’t feel as emotionally attached to the characters in free as i do in k on. maybe its just me, but it’s harder for me to separate the free boys from like ‘ya its just another anime where theres fanservice and p good development and o no goin off to another school etc etc.’ idk with k on, it doesnt seem as forced as the drama in free; its very natural. i know with works of fictional stories, of course the actions and dramatical events occuring are ofc forced bc otherwise the plot will literally go nowhere, but k on for me just feels so much more natural and what you would truly see on a daily basis in the lives of a group of friends. free is a good realistic portrayal, especially the episode where haruka is literally suffocating from pressure, but i just think k on does a better job

idk man. imho, and i know a lot of you disagree, k on>free

On the FNAF topic

My two sense is that I don’t think there is anything wrong with DISCUSSION of the game. Because people aren’t forced to read discussions and it’s something they can voluntarily participate in if they CHOOSE to.

But I don’t think images, ESPECIALLY FROM THE GAME, should be allowed in signatures. Because those are something that people are forced to see one way or another if they participate in any public thread. And my sis is having panic attacks over this and had to disable signatures in general.

You want to discuss the game? Cool. Make a thread. You want to show images from it? Cool. Post it on that thread.

But I honestly think its not appropriate for it to be a signature theme. It’s making SO many people uncomfortable. Maybe things like cute pixels or something that isn’t directly from the game (aka fanart). But stuff from the game itself—


YEAH THIS IS TERRIFYING AND I DONT WANT TO SEE IT EVERY TIME I WANT TO SCROLL THROUGH A PUBLIC THREAD. AND NEITHER DO A LOT OF PEOPLE. I don’t like seeing my Sis have panic attacks over this, even if the intent was harmless.

anonymous said:

why do you like adam lanza hes a really sick guy and he look very creepy as shit

I like Adam because he represents the minority of people who actually use their brain to it’s full potential. In some ways yes, Adam was a sick individual, but in others he was wise beyond his years and certainly this society. I mean i think the reason so many people nowadays are depressed is because they have finally realized that life is shit. It’s a shit existence we all have. Adam wasn’t just some sick kid, he was a time bomb just waiting to take his revenge on society. His mission wasn’t evil, nor was it sick, he just wanted to spare those children from suffering the same abuse and neglect that he did.

As for his looking creepy, that’s the media’s way of depicting evil. Those photo shopped images i’m sure you are referring to are not a true reflection of Adam. He was actually incredibly attractive, just look at his baby pictures, the kid was a total cutie pie from the start.

anonymous said:

What you've got against social justice?

I’ve got nothing against social justice, or sjw for that issue

That being said, I really, REALLY hate stupidity, which as I’ve seen so far, goes along with the people on this site who call themselves sjws/feminists/etc

Now, I’m not asking about people being knowledgeable at all, no

What I refer to when I say stupidity is that I want everybody to use their fucking head and just follow common sense, to actually think before they talk, it’s not that hard to do

But instead, you’ve got people spewing shit all over the place, and if such verbal diarrhea wasn’t bad enough they will always believe that there’s only black or white: either you are with them or against them

I just hate the extremism and toxicity this site sometimes spills

just a quick word

as far as all the shitty things that joan rivers has done: yeah, she was a racist old bag but she did a lot for women in comedy. a lot for women in general. (white women, yeah, but hear me out)

we 100% dont have to feel BAD or SORRY that she’s dead or anything, but i feel like out of courtesy we could all wait like 24 hours before resuming our collective hatred of her. maybe 12 hours idk.

hell, we could all wait at least 6 god damn hours after she literally died before talking shit.