"Seriously Nat, was it really worth it?"

"I told you it was on sale."

"No, was it worth me nearly getting killed for THAT?”

"Aren’t you being just a little dramatic, Barton?"

"You were supposed to be covering me.  There were over 20 guys there and they were all shooting at me!"

"And did I or did I not neutralize every one of them?  Besides, you’re exaggerating - it was only a dozen shooters, tops."

"I nearly died, Nat!  I could have been killed because you saw a cute purse that you had to have."

"Clint, it took me all of 15 seconds to get the thing.  You’re still here, whole and breathing.  Stop being such a baby."

"Our mission debriefings are going to have some serious inconsistencies.”


B O U N C E fall season opening with Heatsick live A/V (PAN) @ Toldi Klub19.09.14

Event here:


Heatsick Live  A/V  Szeptember 19-én a B O U N C E (a k a  B N C) szezonyitón a csilli-villi új Toldiban!

Event itt:

/////////// Artwork by Hellohargi /////////

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