Heresy Material

To everyone who has been reblogging certain Heresy-only material…

Please remember that all images from the Redefinition live that are Heresy should not be available for the public eye on Tumblr, so please do not reblog it. The more public it becomes, the more likely it will be that PSC will close Global registration again.

The same goes for things that come from the members’ blogs. I know that people who don’t have access to our blogs likely won’t recognize the images and will reblog them once they’ve been made public, so yet again, I stress that it is the responsibility of those in Heresy to keep Heresy-only material from reaching a public medium.

Right now, there are three pictures I’ve seen circulating that are Heresy-only. The picture of Uruha’s stuffed tiger is from Garish Room, and so is the image of him grinning against a microphone. Also, the selfie with the burnt-photograph overlay came from Aoi-Ya-Honpo, which is a certain guitarist’s Heresy blog.

These images have been uploaded as a breach of Heresy’s terms and conditions. It’s more than okay to share these images with your friends or use them for personal icons, but posting them as image sets will eventually come back to bite all of the fans in the asses. Please don’t do it, and if you’ve already posted/reblogged the images in question, I am begging you to please delete the post.

Heresy staff has been notified and have confirmed that they are researching the breaches of contract, and will be taking action against it. Protect your blog, and if you’re Heresy, your membership, by helping them out.

Thank you.


MC5 Part 2 - Aoi Shouta, 1st Virginal Live
(After Kimi no Tonari de and before Shot a Love!)

Part 1 here. Once again, English subbed by me~.

Please do not reupload without asking first~.

Watch on

Rurouni Kenshin The Lengend Ends Trailer (with English Subtitle)

theme song by ONE OK ROCK

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