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The concert was on a Sunday and me and my friends decided that we were going to camp out at the venue Saturday night. We got to the venue around 3 Saturday afternoon to check out the area and as we were wandering around, we met the manager, David. He was totally cool and told us that it would be okay to set up out tent under his window next to the front doors. We just kind of walked around Charleston the rest of the day and night, which we weren’t expecting. There was some concert at the venue Saturday night and there was this guy who had a hotdog stand by the front door so we couldn’t set up our tent until he left, which was seVEN IN THE MORNING. It was all cool though because the guy told us we could stop by after ATL’s concert to get free hotdogs because we were so dedicated. When he left we set up our tent and just kinda chilled. The venue also holds church on Sundays and you wouldn’t imagine how many “what are y’all doin’?!”s and “who?? All Time Low? Whats that??”s we got😂 Their bus eventually arrived but we didn’t they would be awake yet so we only creeped around the bus for a few minutes until we went back to our tent. A couple hours later THE Rian Dawson walked by our tent and said “wow, thats amazing!!” I swear I died, resurrected, and died again when that happened wowowowow his smile is so beautiful. He also came out a few hours later so say hi to all the people in line real quick which was really sweet of him☺️ It soon came time to where it was only a couple hours until the doors would open. David popped his head out of his little window and told us that he might had been able to get us meet & greets (we only had general admission). He soon told us that he was able to get them. Those were easily the best words that had ever been spoken to me in my entire life. Me and my friends were put at the front of the meet & greet line and we were finally able to meet our inspirations. It was my friend Casey’s (she is the one in the rolling stones t-shirt) birthday and she ended up proposing to Alex with a ring pop which he said yes to.. best bday present ever am I right? They were all so sweet and so cool to be around and Jack’s nose is even bigger in person and I am meeting them again in April which is so great.

grunge/ lucid ☯

The next time some meninist gets all offended and shit when you turn them down and is all like “WTF YOU THINK YOU’RE BETTER THAN ALL MEN, YOU HATE ALL MEN, IS THAT WHAT THIS IS” 

you should just reply with “Not all men” and regard him silently with a pointed gaze as he squirms uncomfortably.

I honestly preferred Crestwood when it was all dreary and miserable. All I wanted to do, after the moment my Inquisitor sealed the rift and she and her party stepped outside into that blindingly bright landscape spewing forth its overwhelming happiness, was hiss like a crazed vampire and retreat back into the dark and dank ruins of the dwarven thaig I had emerged from.

It has come to the day I can finally say I am happy.
I’ve spent a long long time finding myself and creating pretences and breaking them down not long after.
I found happiness in loving myself, and misery in loving and losing myself in another being.
I learned to love everyone around me, and be thankful that they inspire me every single day.
If someone had told me two years ago, when death was on my lips and tears fresh in my eyes, that I would be thankful for life and I had found my passion I would be unbelieving and refusing. Truth is I had no hope back then. I had fallen into anxiety and depression and saw no light at the end of the tunnel. Well, today, the light is brighter than the sun and I still fight for that every day. I look out my window and thank the sun for pulling me through, I thank myself, and I like to think I thank everyone around me, too.
—  A letter to myself, past self and those important in my life