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i want to meet ed sheeran :(

Me too! Like, so so bad! It in the top of my life goals heh. But I personally think that everyone’s gonna have their turn. Some before others. But eventually I think we are all gonna meet him; Stay positive!!! Like, a year a go I saw the chance the he came to Argentina inexistent and apparently now is almost sure that he comes here next year! So don’t lose your hopes! ☺☺☺

‘We were delighted that Niall came down to hear our music and enjoy our venue,’ Mr Morrissey told ‘Ireland is very proud of Niall Horan. He is one of the best ambassadors any country could have.’
—  James Morrissey, owner of The Late Late, an Irish inspired bar, in New York. (x)

|| Absolutely inconsequential musings by Fëanor’s writer:

You remember the part in which Fëanor’s spirit is so fierce that sets his body aflame as it leaves it, yes? So I was considering how high that flame sprang, and how strong it was, because there were his sons about him and I could bet my collection of blings that at least one of them was holding him in some way. Like holding his body and such. Or a hand, or something.

…Did that flame slightly scorch any of them? Do any of them remember the heat or the faint burn?

there’s nothing i love more than people saying that bayern steals players

like can you imagine pep guardiola dressed all in black and very, very quietly getting inside signal iduna park in the middle of the night……looking for the room where they are…..he dreamed about this moment for weeks……and he finally reaches that room, the top-security footballers vault….there, he quickly shoves mario götze and robert lewandowski inside a black bag, and he’s almost fitting marco reus into it too when suddenly…..all the alarms go off…….the echte liebe family™ knows he’s here and he needs to be quick…..he leaves reus behind with tears in his eyes and runs towards the exit…..and they try to catch guardiola but it’s too late…..he’s already in the car with matthias sammer, flipping it off to all of them, on his way to munich……

Watch on

he’s talking about nothing basically but he’s stupid and cute and sometimes his voice slips into showgirl cap omg