On Sunday, about 300 people gathered in New York’s Washington Square Park to march to the United Nations on behalf of 43 students who disappeared in Ayotzinapa, Mexico last September. It was the cumulation of a week of actions around the city spearheaded by a group of family members of the students who have been traveling around the US in an effort to share their stories and exert political pressure on the Mexican government to reopen investigations into exactly what happened to their loved ones. As Maria de Jesus Tlatempa Bello, whose son is one of those disappeared students, told me, “We came here to appeal to peoples’ consciousness, and to other parents. We are looking for help in order to get our government to actually do what they’re supposed to do. Today marks the seventh month since our children were disappeared. What we’re looking for is the capacity to open a new line of investigation that will help clarify what actually occurred.”

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NYC March For Ayotzinapa

Protesters—along with parents, students and teachers from Ayotzinapa—gathered in Washington Square before marching to the UN to demand justice for the forced disappearance of 43 students in Mexico seven months ago.

Description from the organizers: 

Since September 26th, parents, students and teachers from the Ayotzinapa school have been searching for their loved ones, the 43 students who were disappeared by U.S. funded Mexican military/ police forces and have led a growing protest movement denouncing government corruption and State-sanctioned violence in Mexico. 

For the last couple of months they have been visiting a total of 43+ cities in the US demanding:
1. The safe return of the 43 kidnapped Ayotzinapa students
2. No to elections in Guerrero. The impeachment of the current president, Enrique Pena Nieto, and his cabinet
3. The stop of Plan Mexico, which includes the selling of weapons from the US to Mexico. Those weapons are the same ones that have been used to repress and murder students, activists, journalist, etc.

Inside Out Project preparing a giant human form composed of the faces of the missing 43.

More photos: Protests, Random Strangers

Please don’t romanticize these pictures.

This is currently happening in Chile. This is the Calbuco Volcano, which is located in the south part of the country. It was inactive for 43 years and this week it erupted two times already.

Schools and public services have been cancelled nearby and water and air are severely contaminated.

Tomorrow (April 24th) the ashes in the air will reach the capital city, Santiago which is almost 500 miles away (800 kilometers app). I tell you this so you can have an idea of the damage it is doing.

So again, I beg you, don’t romanticize these pictures.

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mi sono stancata di dire alle persone che mi mancano o che ho bisogno di loro. sono stanca di dire senza mai essere capita. di parlare e di non essere ascoltata. forse è meglio se ricomincio a starmi zitta, a non parlare. io proverò a capirmi e così capirò anche a chi importa realmente di me, forse.

maybe like 3 or 4 people care about me but they wont even know im dead and they cant help me at all because there’s no way out of this people who care about me will forget in like a week anyway



no one cares about school but i slept like 3 hrs so i was dead. im always dead at school. i could sleep a full day and still fall asleep in all those classes for at least five minutes. reading your textbooks 9 AM - 3 PM isn’t the world’s most exciting activity.

george invited me/his host family invited me over to their house for dinner bc they live close to the school. i waited for him at the family mart. he rides his bike so casually (literally one hand in his pocket, through the smallest spaces)
his family was so nice and even after george leaves this summer, his host brother is another AFS student and i would totally talk to him still. all my potential friends outside of school are guys? (except aya and lillian)

at the end, george called me high energy and said that i can “dominate a conversation but not in a bad way or anything” because i flow fluidly between topics. he doesn’t talk half as much as i do honestly. his host family said i can stop by after school if it’s raining too hard or i need help or something. i hope that means they like me haha.
got home around 9 PM

a girl in art class gave me that first gift set, and the other was from my moms sisters after karaoke. dat gudetama

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I’m sure he didn’t mean to do this, but Fox’s Brit Hume basically admitted that George W. Bush is too toxic for is brother Jeb to be bringing on the campaign trail with him any time soon. During this Monday’s America’s Newsroom, Hume appeared to discuss George W. Bush’s comments over the weekend, where he was paid $250K to help his brother grovel at Sheldon Adelson’s feet, and where he had the gall to attack President Obama over the negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program.

From Fox’s blog: ‘When You Say Something, You Have to Mean It’: Bush 43 Rips Obama Foreign Policy :

George W. Bush criticized President Barack Obama on foreign policy this weekend.

Bush delivered these remarks behind closed doors at the Republican Jewish Coalition session in Las Vegas. An attendee transcribed Bush’s remarks.

Bush reportedly sounded off on Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, remarking, “You’ve got to ask yourself, is there a new policy or did they just change the spokesman?”

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Today is the first day in four years that I realized I am beautiful. Just the way I am. Almost a year ago today, I married my love, and this is me getting dressed for our wedding. I felt pretty then, but insecure about so many things, including my body. This year I have woken up to all the beautiful realities of life: loving others, God, and today, myself. 

You are beautiful, all of you. Every one of you, and ALL of you. 

The measurable portions of me are:

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 170
Bust: 36E
Waist: 32"
Hips: 43"