Captain Janeway of the USS Voyager would be proud of Expedition 43 Flight Engineer Samantha Cristoforetti, who is seen above shortly after grappling the SpaceX Dragon resupply ship yesterday morning. Referring to the ISSpresso machine on board the supply ship, the Expedition 43 Flight Engineer tweeted out “There’s coffee in that nebula"… ehm, I mean… in that #Dragon.”

The quote references a statement Kathryn Janeway, Captain of the titular starship from the Star Trek: Voyager television series, made during an episode. Her drink of choice during the seven-year run of the show was coffee, and the beverage was the butt of many jokes and puns.

It’s no secret that Cristoforetti is a Star Trek fan; when Leonard Nimoy died in late February, she donned the ubiquitous communicator badge while giving the Vulcan salute to the Earth above. 

Hey Soul? yeah, just one foot in front of the other here, Soul, & let today bring out the BEST in you – the joy, the hope, the grace, the beauty, the love of Jesus in you!

That hard road: let it bring out the best hope in you.

That impossible situation: let it bring out the best possibilities in you.

That crisis: let it bring out Christ in you.

“Let your enemies bring out the BEST in you.”
~ Jesus (Matt.5:43MSG)

Whatever looks like it’s against you —let it bring out the BEST from within you. Today we get to *practice* our faith. You aren’t ever missing your best life in the long run –when you aren’t missing opportunities to be like Christ right now.

—  Ann Voskamp

Caboose the SPARTAN

Part 1: Baby Boomer

Part Description: AKA, the real reason Caboose doesn’t like babies. Also, AI should be very careful about how they word things.

Description: Caboose the SPARTAN AU, from part to part, leading to the lovable Blue Team rookie we all know and love. But where did it all begin? This is his story.

A/N: You all thought I was kidding about the “Caboose the SPARTAN AU”? Come cry with me. [WARNING WILL BE DELETED AFTER EDITING, MEANING THIS HAS NOT BEEN EDITED. BE WARNED.]

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Mexico’s Day of Rage

43 college students were abducted on Sept. 26th in Guerrero, Mexico. Police and gunmen shot 6 students to death before taking the other 43. Mexico has taken some action by arresting the “mayor of the city of Iguala, José Luis Abarca; his wife, María de los Ángeles Pineda; and an aide and charged them with masterminding the attack.”

Why aren’t more people talking about this?

(Pictures are from the link above)


In México, we are all fighting against a president who can’t even keep us safe. 43 students from a rural university, between the ages of 18-30, were abducted and then murdered when they were on their way to a pacific event. Bullets came from municipal cops, and the order of shooting came directly from the governor of that particular region.
Federal authorities have been covering their asses and the families of the students have no information about their people. Not even the dead bodies have been retrieved to them.

That’s why several universities from all the country have taken action. 

We support the families and their claim for justice and peace. 

Their anger is ours.



I’ve been seeing that my people are doing this when their blogs are usually about fandoms and art. I feel the need to do this as well.

I’ve been reblogging things about the situation in my country, if you have seen it you know it’s about the usual oppression, murdered innocent people, violence, crimes, protests. But not just that, me, my mother, my siblings, my friends, MEXICO is finally getting up against the government (Because everything that happens here is because of the fucked up system). I DON’T reblog those posts to SEEM as someone cult, I DO IT BECAUSE I CARE, IT’S NOT SOMETHING TO BRAG ABOUT. It’s worrying, it’s exhausting, it’s hurting but it’s something that AT LEAST EVERY MEXICAN wherever you are SHOULD care about. It hurts me that I know a few mexican followers that just prefer to ignore it because it’s not something that goes with their blog. Let me tell you something, it's NOT going to fade away, it's NOT something just of a few days, it's NOT going to make everything alright, it's NOT going to disappear just by being ignorant about it. But it COULD fade away, it COULD make everything alright and it COULD solve if you reblog and inform others, because after all it's SUPPORT. JUST. SUPPORT. We have come to the point where finally the government fears our people, finally we are pressing them! Finally we’re achieving to kick out all the corrupt politicians! DON’T LEAVE US ALONE. WE COULD CHANGE. WE COULD SAVE LIVES if you just don’t ignore us.

You can blacklist it, because I also and of course, don’t think nor want to force you all to give a reblog, a like, anything. So thanks if you read this and thanks, a lot, if you help us. Today for us, tomorrow for you.

We’re getting closer to justice for the 43 missing Mexican students 

The former mayor of the Mexican city of Iguala has been charged with the kidnapping of 43 students feared to have been murdered last year, a step toward justice in the highly publicized case that sparked violent demonstrations across the country last year.

Tomas Zeron, director of criminal investigations at the federal Attorney General’s office, told Reuters that prosecutors had obtained an arrest warrant for former Mayor José Luis Abarca and 44 others on charges of kidnapping the students.


Mexico’s National/Presidential Palace (the seat of the Federal Executive) goes up in flames in a Protest for the 43 missing Ayotzinapa students.

My country is in the brink of a revolution. The people are angry, and the government is useless, we have politicians claiming to be ‘tired’ of how they’re being treated, well we are tired of being killed off by our own government. 43 students are missing, presumed dead, and the people responsible for this walk freely while our president is on a trip to China.

We are tired of being more afraid of our own police/government/army than of drug cartels, we are tired of fellow citizens being murdered in cold blood.

Us students are tired of being in danger just for the fact that we exist.

People say that we are the future of Mexico, but there can be no future if there is no next generation.

Foreigners, please read and share this, please help us bring awareness to this situation that looks about to become a full blown civil war, please help us so that there will be no more cases like the 43 we have now. Please help us fight our government.