The nice folks over at penguinteen are celebrating the world of Weird Fiction in Young Adult literature all March long with #KeepYAWeird! 

The event coincides with the launch of Andrew Smith’s The Alex Crow and the release of his Printz-winning Grasshopper Jungle in paperback. Oh, and there’s also a book tour including a stop with two of our faves, hollyblack and Justine Larbalestier.

Here’s a visual roundup of all the Weird YA recs we’ve spotted under the hashtag so far (Sources: x, x, x, x, x), plus a few of our own favorites. :)

You should reblog and tell us your Weird Fiction faves! We love this stuff.

What Pittsburgh Penguin Would You Marry?

Aries -  Beau Bennett
Taurus -  Marc-Andre Fleury
Gemini - David Perron
Cancer - Paul Martin
Leo - Kris Letang
Virgo - Brandon Sutter
Libra - Patric Hornqvist
Scorpio - Olli Maatta
Sagittarius - Sidney Crosby
Capricorn - Evgeni Malkin
Aquarius -  Maxim Lapierre
Pisces -  Steve Downie