like tbh?

comparing the monster fitness to mirror beach lines, monster fitness still comes off a lot better imo

presumably, they knew theyd have to cut back on accessories etc a while ago, so it was p smart to make a fitness line like that, where its understandable that they dont have massive jewelry or belts and purses etc and the accessories we did get are new and thematically appropriate. 

mirror beach is like, why these mismatched accessories? why tutus? why is maddie wearing a cravat to the beach? like there was a good idea to make a simpler line and then what was there was so weird and mismatched

im rambling but hopefully this made sense

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Not to be rude or anything, but why do you always wear a cravat? Doesn't it ever get blood stains on it? Does it feel like it's choking you?

Do you people not know good fashion when you see it? No, it’s awesome, i’m awesome, fuck off.

two little shits carrying on the levi and hange legacy

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What are your thoughts on Auruo imitating you a lot?

It’s whatever, i’m not really bothered by it. 

Until he starts stealing my fucking cravats…I fucking know what you did you sonofabitch


Dear lord. 

Zuko Of-The-Fire-Nation. Eye color: dreamy. and his shoe size matters a lot

As a companion to Elstara. Also keep in mind that Hans and Zuko are, for the most part, completely different except the prince thing and I JUST WANTED TO PUT ZUKO IN A MONKEY SUIT.