I’m so glad fanfic exists like

what would I do after finishing a piece of media if fanfic didn’t exist? Just be done with that world forever? just move on with my life??? go back to living in reality?????? impossible

The signs as visual kei bands
  • Aries:Babymetal; Nocturnal Bloodlust
  • Taurus:Malice Mizer; D
  • Gemini:Golden Bomber; An Cafe
  • Cancer:The GazettE; Gackt
  • Leo:Versailles; Lm.C
  • Virgo:Luna Sea; Alice Nine
  • Libra:Buck-Tick; exist†trace
  • Scorpio:Moi dix Mois; Mejibray
  • Sagittarius:X Japan; Jupiter
  • Capricorn:lynch.; 9Goats Black Out
  • Aquarius:Dir en grey; Mucc
  • Pisces:Kagrra,; Wagakki Band