5SOS did an interview with AMP Music. It’s in Japanese, and the internet translator is sort of useless, but the gist is - they went to a cat cafe, Ashton stood outside and Calum mentions pink slippers. Luke jokes about how there’d be a kangaroo cafe in Australia and Calum wants there to be a puppy cafe. They’re having a lot of fun meeting the Japanese fans and loving the culture. They talk a little bit about songwriting and how they don’t aim to write hits. There’s also a contest for Japanese fans! [x]

Help With Anxiety Post

here are some links you can read up on to understand anxiety

what is anxiety

a few tips to help manage 

anxiety/ worrying

19 natural remedies for anxiety (just click the arrows to scroll through them)

realistic thinking

panic disorder self help

9 ways to reduce anxiety right here right now

this post is mainly for people who suffer from anxiety that cannot afford medical help, therapy, or counseling

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If you’ve reblogged that one picture with the ocean waves that look red because of blood you should know that it’s from the video where ISIS took hostages and decapitated them and essentially you’re glorifying their murders if you think its a cool edgy picture to have on your blog, I understand not everyone knew this though but there it is. 

My witchsona for Witchsona Week!!!!! Barely made it on time but i had to make one since i didn’t make one last year @ c @;; But my witch has a tenacious appetite for knowledge, especially the nature based kind. She lives in the middle of the woods all by herself with only the animals and plants to keep her company. She plans to set out for the ocean one day once she’s done learning all she can from the forest!!

Craft Beer Ice Cream

You’ve chugged it, slurped it, sipped it, and now with the craft beer ice cream, you’ll be able to have it for dessert! Each savory pint is specially made with the freshest of ingredients to maximize the best attributes of each brew. It’s a true beer lovers delight.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

anonymous asked:

what would you like to see happen in cap 3?

Okay im breathing a bit but here it is

I want the trial of Bucky Barnes. I want the country to completely turn against him and brand him a monster. Steve is trying desperately to save him but Natasha and Sam have to literally hold him back from breaking into Bucky’s holding cell to free him. Steve is legit losing his shit throughout all of this and him and Bucky have some really heart breaking discussions in jail. Then I want Tony to initially be on Steve’s side but completely break when he finds out Bucky was the man behind his mother and father’s deaths. This will be Civil War with Tony campaign for Bucky to be put away and Steve for him to be free. This destroys their friendship and yadaydadaaaa Civil War shit..

krugsy asked:

shorty had them apple bottom jeans / boots with the fur / the whole club lookin' at her / she hit the floor / next thing you know / shorty got low low low low low low low

His lips burned with lime and salt from the row of tequila shots he’d downed. The back of his shirt was damp with sweat, wet where it met the small of his back. The sign of a good night, dancing with one pretty girl after another. Easy to ignore all the shit that wasn’t working out right in his life. Easy to ignore that hole in his chest.

"Lookin’ pretty fly, Kaner," Sharpy said, when he returned to the bar for a bit of a breather.

Patrick gave him the finger. “You wish you had moves like these.”

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Fishbowl Toilet

Feel like mighty Poseidon on his throne when you sit on the fishbowl toilet. Forget about reading, now you can awe at the marine community living in your bathroom as you take care of business. Even the aptly themed toiled lid is nautically themed.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

Some Rules of Common Courtesy When it Comes to Fanfiction and Taking Other People’s Prompts:

1. If someone else created an idea/prompt and posted it on their own blog, you don’t write something based on that prompt without first asking that person if it’s okay

2. If someone else created the idea/prompt and posted it on their own blog and they’re already planning to write something for that prompt, you ESPECIALLY should ask for permission to write your own take on it

3. If someone else created the idea/prompt and posted it on their own blog and they have not indicated that they’re okay with someone else taking that idea and using it as their own, you should assume that they would NOT be okay with you doing as such UNTIL you message them first and ask if they’re cool with you using their idea

4. If someone else created the idea/prompt and posted it on their own blog and they are making it known that they don’t want someone else running away with that idea, you are thereby not allowed to use it and you have no right to get pissy about it. It was their idea, not yours. Instead of getting upset with someone for wanting to keep and use their own prompt, maybe show some creativity and come up with your own idea.

Taking someone else’s idea without getting their permission first is PLAGIARISM, no matter how you try and justify it. Just because it’s fanfiction does NOT mean it’s suddenly okay to see a prompt created by someone else and go, “OOH, I LIKE THAT, I’M GOING TO WRITE IT!” 

No. You ask the person who created the idea first. Maybe they’ll be cool with it. Maybe they planned to write it themselves. Maybe they don’t want someone else coming in and writing their idea before they even get the chance to themselves.

Stop Stealing People’s Fanfic Ideas Without Permission Just Because It Comes in the Form of a General Prompt 2k15.