Swinging Chairs Dining Table

The swinging chairs dining table’s bold and distinctive look provides your humble abode with style that’ll satisfy both the adult and inner child in you. The table features a creative design that allows your guests or colleagues to swing as they dine at the table.


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The Thing I Don’t Want To Talk About is a short and impactful first person action adventure that explores the subconscious and buried memories.

You start the game being chased by a dark manifestation of something you’d rather ignore, but then manage to escape into an arcade with your favorite childhood teddybear.  This teddybear is a welcome sight, and guides you on an adventure, in which you enter into your favorite video game, with an aim of destroying the dark manifestation for good.

What follows is a well crafted action adventure with puzzles, platforming and sinister dark clouds to blast with your mage’s staff.  All the while it becomes more and more aware that you won’t be able to ignore the thing you don’t want to talk about forever.  The age old mantra of ‘just ignore it and it’ll go away’ may not work this time.

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Octopus Tentacle Earrings

Create an eye catching look by accenting your outfit with the octopus tentacle earrings. These zany and colorful earrings are designed to look like realistic – albeit interestingly colored – octopus tentacles guaranteed to get you noticed whenever you wear them.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

anonymous asked:

Wow thank you for that timeline It sounds like 2014 was a ride. I can see why you think there may have been a regime change. The thing about Louis clubbing though. For me anyway its not just going out with friends as he always did. It's crude PR stunting. With Annas tweets, cosying up to girls so fans see and report, paps planted for shots with girls (as in NYC), leaving with girls... The media and fans who turn up on cue are selling the message 1DHQ and Louis intend them to sell, yeh?

That’s definitely the story they’re giving to the trashy tabloids to run with. I’m not saying it’s not. I’m just saying that there is nothing wrong with Louis clubbing. Those articles, in the end, are going to carry zero weight. We think this is a waaaaay bigger deal than it is. I don’t know why we give so much attention to magazines like The Sun and The Daily Mail. If I saw those when in I was in line at the grocery store, I would not blink at them. They’re trash. Maybe I’d buy them to kindle the fireplace or throw them in the recycle bin. That’s about all they’re good for. We pay attention, but no one else is. 

I think it’s serving a couple of purposes. It’s keeping the Larry rumors at bay, it’s showing Louis as an adult, and it’s keeping his name in the headlines. Let’s be frank. Even the trashy tabloids aren’t going to continue to write articles about Louis going to a club with his mates. This gives more fodder for his name. But, that’s what it is - fodder. Nothing real, nothing substantial. Nothing people will remember 20 minutes after they read it, if they even bothered to read it. Louis is partying with his friends, and yeah, they’re selling that image to the tabloids and to the fans. But, he’s a lot happier now than I ever saw him before on one of these arranged outings. This isn’t a closet for the sake of a closet. This is him clubbing and having a good time, and posing for a couple of pictures to tell a story on his way out the door. That’s nothing compared to what he had to go through with Eleanor. These tabloids are making stories that are so easy to write off - and so easy for us to debunk without even trying!! They’re serving the purposes I mentioned above, but there’s nothing else to this.

Even right now, if you look at news for Louis Tomlinson, I see all of ONE article about Louis + women. The rest are about Eleanor’s new boyfriend, Justin Bieber, the Twitter fight (still), the X Factor, and the “new direction” for One Direction. It’s always been like that, too. The Louis + women articles, even after the 5 girls night, were only a small fraction of total articles written. It’s not doing any damage, except to the fandom, and that’s keeping the rumors at bay for greater control and leverage later on.