But seriously Ganondorf’s puberty must have been ridiculous

like it’s an anticipated event because it means he’s capable of giving the Gerudo children, which I expect is important due to this “one male every 100 years” thing. So being bodily ready is halfway there, being mature enough to do so is another matter but


this scrawny kid who looks a lot like his sisters doesn’t just get hit by the puberty stick. He doesn’t just get hit by the puberty tree. He gets the entirety of the possible puberty fucking rainforest ground up into woodchips and pelted at him at seventy miles per hour

his balls drop with the downward velocity of lead on Jupiter. His voice begins cracking so violently, is this child fucking possessed, he has to fucking learn to shave real quick because guess what that’s a beard and where is it??? everywhere

And he won’t stop fucking growing, like at first the Gerudo were pleased but now its like for the love of DIN stop growing why are you so tall, stop getting bigger, you eat so much fucking food what’s WRONG with you, Sand Goddess watch where you point that THING down there you’ve got you’re going to give us babies but FUCKING watch were you swing that tremendous man-log it’s like a steel bat at tit level

I take back what I said, Kagami. You're the best!
The Temptress (Lieutenant Duckling/CS Oneshot)

Title: The Temptress

Rating: M for smutty smutty times, more specifically, B for blowjob. ;)

Word Count: 5,121

A/n: I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten a total of like twenty requests for an LD version of Killian’s first blowjob, so here you are then, you wore me down. ;) This is a prequel to my LD oneshot “The Runaway”, but can be read alone. Probably better read after this one actually. Enjoy!

You can read here or on ff.net

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