i’m comfortable with shipping i’m comfortable with people enjoying their ships however when u start assuming a person’s sexuality and enforcing it on an individual i draw a line 

When I was 13, my dream was working on the Fairly Oddparents. I did my fair share of scribbly fanart and made little self-insert OCs and wrote fanfiction

Imagine what would have happened if someone who worked there at the time made some snarky comment about how ridiculous it was to do what I did

Imagine insecure 13 year old me seeing my idols making fun of the things that were important to me

I probably wouldn’t have bothered to keep on with my art. I could have quit right there in 2004. I wouldn’t be pursuing the career I am today.

Kids are constantly told they aren’t good enough by everyone in their lives. As someone they look up to and whose art they take refuge on, it’s particularly devastating when you join that echo.

I just really hate this mindset, man. Just fuck this. Fuck being dismissive to children. You were a child once too and you wouldn’t be where you are today if someone didn’t believe in you. Grow up.

We Need to Be Talking About Lyme Disease in the Queer Community

We Need to Be Talking About Lyme Disease in the Queer Community

I’ve been trying to find a way to talk about Lyme Disease and how it affects the queer community. I grew up a woodsy outdoorswoman going to Girl Scout Camp in Northern California with signs that warn of deer ticks carrying Lyme disease. I saw the signs that told us to do tick checks, as a camp counselor I’ve coordinated big groups of young people in looking for ticks and being aware of them. I…

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