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Americans with disabilities are more likely to be poor than any other demographic group, and their average income in 2012 was about $6,000 less than people without disabilities, according to a report released Thursday. The report, “Fulfilling…

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anonymous said:

So everyone is non-cis until they say otherwise? Literally harry behaves in a gender conforming way 95% of the time and refers to himself as male. Exactly what is the assumption he may identify as female based on? I identify as female, but I definitely gave masculine traits. If someone started calling me a boy because of that when id given no indication I identified that way I'd find it upsetting.

I never said that everyone is non-cis, but everyone and their cousin is acting like everyone is cis until they say otherwise, and I don’t mean on tumblr. You’re assumed to be cishet until you say otherwise, that’s the whole thing under the concept of coming out. I wouldn’t need to come out as non-straight with everyone I befriend if they didn’t assume I was straight.

Also, Harry plays with gender way more than I do (and about this - hey, gender expression does not equal gender identity!) and way more than 90% of non-binary/trans people I know. And yet people refuse to maybe think that he could not be cis? Hell no Anon, hell no. Harry wears nail polish, women perfume and clothing, give himself boobs, put himself in a girl band and shows a general awareness of gender norms (and the consequent fucking with them) that you can’t call a joke. I am not allowing you to call it a joke. You are not allowed to dismiss Harry’s intelligence, it’s frankly insulting.

Also, you missed the part where we were saying that we are not assigning a gender identity to Harry, but making conjectures. Since, you know, it’s allowed to do that, since not being cis is not shameful, you know. And you are telling me that misgendering is upsetting. Yeah, thank you so much for that.