hi bree.

so i’ve been following you for a while, i was even part of the flank steak phenomenon, and i figured there’s no time like the present to tell you what you’ve done for me. 

i never really think about it when, during my daily life, i ask myself: “would bree approve of this?” “is this something bree would do/say/wear?” but sometimes it just sinks in how much you’ve affected my life. just little things, mostly. you’ve helped me become more confident in what i wear, in how i do my makeup, i even stand a little taller and speak a little louder when i talk about the things that bother me now. just yesterday, when i was buying the shirt i’m wearing in that picture, i saw it on the rack and thought “hm, bree has a shirt kinda like this.” i used to be very very uncomfortable showing my back and my arms, because i have fairly bad acne on them, but guess what? you’ve helped me overcome that (for the most part) too. i stopped shaving my legs after i saw your popular post about you taking a selfie in your car after that guy gave you a dirty look because of your armpit hair and realized i had no good answer for “why do i shave?”. not even “because i like it.” i still get funny looks after all this time, but you’ve helped me realize that i don’t have to do things because that’s what everyone does. my mom used to (and still does) make fun of the way i heavily fill in my eyebrows, but the way you brush off comments about yours, about your hair, your art, your views, helps me brush off my mom’s every day. you’ve positively impacted my life so much, and it breaks my heart that i’ll never be able to thank you in person, or thank you enough. 

when i see you post personal things when you’re sad or angry or feeling alone or threatened, i want to scoop you up and cuddle you into oblivion because someone who’s done so much for me (and others, no doubt) never deserves to feel like that. i could probably go on forever about how much i appreciate every single thing you do, but i think i’ll stop here before i REALLY start gushing and embarrass myself.

thank you so so much for sharing yourself with us, and with me, and inspiring me to become a better version of myself. 

please stay happy and healthy, and i hope the good days always outweigh the bad.



this was just submitted to me and i was covering my mouth and sobbing the entire time reading it like. i cant believe that i have such an impact on some people’s lives on here, people that i dont even know exist, knowing that im some kind of positive force in the world makes me feel like i can do/be anything. i never thought id be able to really inspire anyone, let alone the countless people that message me daily thanking me for things that i didnt even know i was doing for them. the fact that my blog can give other young girls the courage to do the things they want to with their appearance/ lives / mental health makes me want to stick around. it really does. thank you so much for this submission dayle like i really fucking appreciate this and i appreciate your entire existence.

avion570 said:

Fire or Steel. Your choice.

Did Steel, so Fire it is!

FIRE:What game would you like to see Pokemon get a crossover with?

I’d love an Animal Crossing x Pokemon game, for that would be adorable. All the Pokemon Crossing fanarts I’ve seen are really cute.

I love huge open worlds too, so if there was a cool way to mix something Pokemon and Elder Scrolls, I’d be all over that.