...instead of doing some reading for class

Me attempting to be productive even though I’ve fallen into a shipping rabbit hole regarding The Raven Cycle and I’ve spent the past four days devouring the books and browsing the pynch tag. Ugh so good. If you know any good blogs, etc, point me that way please!

But sadly I still have some schoolwork I’ve gotta do so here I am. Today I read a chapter for my linguistics stats class and completed the accompanying reading guide, as well as a response paper for a scientific article. This is one of my last required general education courses and I’m so happy I could take the 4 week version instead of the semester long one.

Blog Post #20

Overall, I really enjoyed taking this course. I liked doing the blog posts instead of having to write papers throughout the term because I think it is a good way to help us write and analyze certain readings without having to constantly write papers. I also liked reading Sound Targets because I found it pretty interesting how he researched the topics that he did and I liked how it connected to the class. I thought it was interesting to also look at some of the problems in the Middle East because I feel like I don’t know a whole lot about the issues going on over there, but our military is so involved there that I feel like we should know more about that. 

I wish that we would’ve gone more in depth with the conflicts in the Middle East because I thought those topics were interesting, but I wish we went into more in detail about them. I also wished that we talked more about how music works in war films before we wrote the paper just to get more of an idea of what to look for. Other than that, I really liked the course and I’m glad I took it! 

Thank you for a fantastic term!

i just realized that I haven’t really gotten involved in any fandom shit or even really thought about fandom for a while. which is a really good sign because i realized earlier this year that i was using fandom, and like fictional worlds in general, as a host for my escapist fantasies because i didn’t like my life enough to really be present? so like i would listen to music and think about some fictional couple, or i’d be in class thinking about like orphan black or some shit, or spending all evening like reading fan fiction, etc instead of like actually doing real things because I hated my life and didn’t want to be actively present in it.

but recently i’ve made a lot of good friends and I’ve started really improving myself and getting involved in school and things like that, and i haven’t had to rely on fandom or the Internet as a crutch at all and it’s really…nice? like I’ve literally been too busy, with friends and school events, to get on tumblr. that is amazing. i’ve never been at a point in my life where i had so much social shit going on that I didnt have time to waste on tumblr. i’ve never been so happy with my REAL life as it is. i haven’t had to lose myself in a fictional world that i thought was better than my real one because i’m so involved in my life. and that’s the goal - not necessarily happiness, but just being PRESENT and DOING THINGS is more than enough.

so yeah that’s where I’m at right now

May 21

Some things happened today! First off was dinosaur class. I am cleared to fly home directly from Billings instead of going back to Chicago, which is a relief because I’ll only spend 2.5 hours on a plane instead of… 8 or more. Also there’s some kind of wrestler/fighter guy that wants to learn about dinosaurs and do a History Channel special so we’re going to be filmed with him both in the final class period and while on the trip. Should be interesting.

I did some reading today, though not enough. At least I did something. Honestly, I was super tired and it was a really nice day so I went outside and slept for a couple hours.

Then I had a class of 2015 donor reception. They’re going for large amounts of donors, not large amounts of money, since rich alumni pledge to donate significant amounts if there’s a lot of donors. So I donated five bucks a while ago and earned my ticket to this reception. Surprisingly one of my professors from last year remembered who I was, so I got to talk to him. I also drank two glasses of wine, which left me very unmotivated to finish my reading, so I went back to the dorm and played some Ace Attorney. I’m about to take down Professor Means!

Summer Reading List

With the exception of grading a final handful of essays for the class I am TAing, I am finished with my second semester as a grad student. I don’t plan on doing any work during the summer, so I will instead use my valuable time to read up on some books related to my research interests and my interest in working with activist groups in the area. 

Below is my reading list for the summer thus far. I break up the readings along my research interests. In intend to read 50 pages in one of the books of each category a day (a total of 150 pages a day; I will not get to “general reading” until I finish the readings in the “autism” section).  I break up the books into four categories, and I will begin with the top books in those categories before reading the later texts—I do prioritize the texts by what I read earlier, just in case it takes me too much time to get to them all. The first category is on readings for a project I want to do on ontological security theory in IR and inauthenticity (which I hope to present at either/both Millenium or ISA). The second set of texts is for readings on the Israel-Palestine conflict and various anti-capitalist texts. The third section will consist of texts related to autism for the paper I hope to get published this year (I have texts on queer theory, as advised by my WPSA panel’s discussant Jack Amareux, to learn more about asociality/anti-sociality/anti-meaning and see how they relate to autism). The fourth section will be a hodge podge of IR texts that I want to casually read.

Inauthenticity/Cynicism Books

Critique of Cynical Reason

Being and Nothingness

Sublime Object of Ideology

Moral Man and Immoral Society

Black Skins, White Masks

Colonialism and Neocolonialism

For They Know Not What They Do

Second Sex

When Presidents Lie: A History of Official Deception and Its Consequences

Israel-Palesting Books, Critical Texts

Jewishness and the Critique of  Zionism

The Case for Sanctions Against  Israel

The Punishment of Gaza

A Brief History of Neoliberalism

Selections of the Prison Notebooks

Hegemony and Socialist Strategy

Infancy and History

Marx-Engels Reader



Various Journal Articles in IR, Disability Studies

Queer Art of Failure

Feeling Backward

Crip Theory

General IR

Virtuous War

The Politics of Subjectivity in  American Foreign Policy Discourses

Cultures of National Security

Writing Security

Anti-Politics Machine

Critical Theorists and  International Relations

Power, Production, and the  Unprotected Worker

So there is my list. Please feel free to make recommendations. Are there any texts not on my list that you think should be on it?

Adel Betaspark (medic) post 2

I’m a thirty-something gamer mom with pretty bad reflexes trying to figure out the “easiest” class I can play to enjoy Wildstar in a casual way. I started with spellslinger but didn’t love it. Medic is the 2nd class I’ve tried.  (you can read Adel’s first post here.)

So Adel ran around doing favors for Artemis Zin. For some reason I really like the Artemis model. I’m not generally into lore, but I just find her intriguing. 

at level 6, I got a few new moves. Check out fissure:

I’m a noob and don’t really know what all the stats and wording and everything means. so I decided to try out Fissure, instead of the other aoe-instant type move I have. I wasn’t expecting it to do much but holy cow. It is really awesome. Like. I was going up to groups of 3 mobs and hitting Fissure and it was often killing them pretty immediately. so yay! 

Off to Ellevar! I love it here. The green rainy weather is soothing. I had a really good time running around killing the things. And the people I have run into are really nice. Some random person asked me to heal them while we took down a big glowing red guy. We ended up both dying because I was targeting the monster while trying to heal the person (yeah, smooth, I know) and by the time I figured it out, it was too late. Fun, anyway, though.

Ding level 8! 

my original plan was to try several different classes before choosing, but I am having so much fun with Medic that I’m going to keep going for awhile and see what happens. 

read more of my gamer mom noob beginner wildstar posts here

We just finished watching the movie in AP Psych and I just wanted to cover it here. The same friend that got me to read It’s Kind of a Funny Story read this book in 9th grade. They said that it was really good, like really really good. This lead me to buy it that summer and read it during the school year in tenth grade. This was around the time the movie came out so I decided to watch it after finishing the book. The movie and book are truly great and easily some of the best teen literature out there. (It’d probably be better if you read it on your own instead of doing it for a class assignment.)

So instead of studying these past few days I’ve been procrastinating, hence the lack of posts. I’ll be back on the grind tomorrow though, as I’m determined to make an A in my physics class and that’s obviously not going to happen without some determination.

Thursday’s To Do
- Read Ch.3 and make flash cards of key terms

- Review notes on Ch. 1 & 2

I think the key to success is trying a few practice problems to really hammer home the key points, so that will also be tomorrow’s focus. Ugh. And Starbucks. Starbucks will also be tomorrow’s focus


Maymester sounded like such a good idea back in April when I was registering for classes. A whole semester in just two and a half weeks? Who wouldn’t want to get a whole class credit before summer even really starts? It sounded like an incredible opportunity. And it was. The problem is, fitting an entire class into two and a half weeks is extremely difficult. It means you have to work hard. Really hard. And I wasn’t fully prepared for that.

The first day of class, I came in wide-eyed and prepared (I thought) for anything. I figured I would do a little reading, take a couple of tests, listen to some lectures, and be on my way. But I was in for a surprise. Instead of listening to a lecture on the first day, I had a group discussion with my professor about what the class would entail, and it was vastly different from what I had expected. There was a lot of self-directed learning involved, and a much bigger time commitment than I had anticipated. This class was going to force me to work hard and stretch my brainpower. By the end of the first class, I was feeling totally overwhelmed. I had no idea how I was going to pull this off.

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turntechshotdead replied to your post:ohhhh my gosh, this got so unnecessarily long….

If you can get the right model, Zoostorm do pretty good PCs for reasonable prices. Mine has 8GB RAM, 2GB VRAM, 2TB HDD and generally gets top 10% in those ‘can I run it’ tests. Was about £500 off of ebuyer around a year ago.

nice!! i’ve been getting some good recommendations so i’ll probably look at them tomorrow at work instead of doing my class readings lmao