yay okay so i hit 150k and i think thats a kinda cool # and its 3/4ths of the way there to 200k and especially after the terminations i just really wanna stress that i love all of you so much & i appreciate the fact that you follow me TREMENDOUSLY and im glad to be able to help put smile on so many faces daily thank you guys ☺️💕💞

i despise people that use adderall as a recreational drug, you ppl are making it so that medicine people like me need to function has street value and is harder and harder to get bc doctors think you just want it for the high. the other drugs that do similar things are so much more expensive (the medication i take for adhd is $650 a month without insurance) but have the benefit of not being controlled substances like adderall

don’t say you care about mentally ill people if you take adderall for fun or for an extra boost on tests or whatever. you’re fucking us over and you don’t care.

Wait, you’re an atheist and you are married to an Arab? Aren’t you worried what he will make you do? Well, I just want you to know that Jesus is everywhere and there for you.

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[S/N: This student takes certain classes for fun and to help with his youth ministerial teaching. Also, I never said my husband was Arabic, I said he was Assyrian.]

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why do you think Tao didn't tag anyone?

I think because he cares about other people’s health, which he also stated in his last sentence.
Another thing is…I think he was being thoughtful about the whole situation.
The context of his message was focusing on the meaning behind this (donating and raise awareness of ALS) and not pouring a bucket of ice water as some ridiculous trend. I don’t think he was sad or grimmy while doing this either but more being respectful and taking this challege seriously.
Some people might say he stagnates the challenge with not nominating anyone, me on the other side just glad Tao didn’t lose sight of the case …imo, he took this further in his very own way ^^

Is each woman a martyr? No. However not all women are treated with respect and that’s a fact. There are downfalls to being a woman as you mentioned, being paid less, being put down a little more in the professional world of business. However it’s a catch-22. We have perks too. We have boobs, so we can get out of speeding tickets. We can be pretty, so boys hold open doors for us. Several things on both ends of the spectrum.
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I love when I go on break and the first thing I see is stupidity on my dash

A) Milah was not stolen, for the four hundred and forty-fifth time this hour

B) Your jokes are not funny

C) Cuz Belle’s TOTES going to run off on Rumple, ESPECIALLY for the guy that shot her (like, THAT would be a problematic relationship okay)

D) STOP. MAKING. KILLIAN. OUT. TO. BE. SOME. LECH.  In the entire course of the show, he’s had eyes for TWO women.  He’s WHOLLY devoted to Emma.  Why are you trying to CREATE drama?  It’s like that godawful promo for The Jolly Roger all over again “so many women, so little time” … fucking watch the show before you open your mouth JFC

Fucking hell, I HATE the media sometimes.