Hiiii hello okay so since I have a snow day today and lots of responsibilities to avoid and I love you all very much, I figured it would be a great time to throw together a little follow forever/mutual appreciation post! So! Here it is! Wahoooo

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I just wanted to say that I love y’all to bits and thank you for being so wonderful and making my dash such a happy place to be ♡♡♡

Aaaalso a while back Carme tagged me in a post to like write out your appreciation for people? So I’m gonna do that here as well ♡

♡ to Marina, the Zayn to my Louis, for being an inspiration, for putting up with my antics, and for letting me drag you down the rabbit hole (does this sound like i’m dedicating a book? i think it does oops that’s a lil weird but imma keep goin)

♡ to Cas, my soulmate, for everything. I’m so proud of you.

♡ to Stephanie, the sweetest bean on the planet, for being my partner in crime for the fic exchange, for being the best big sister a girl could ask for, and for indulging my banana obsession

♡ to Kelly, my adopted mother, for being the best mom in the world, for your unconditional love and support, and for making me cry on the regz with fanvids of Harry and Louis

♡ to Liz, my platonic valentine, for being an all-around sweetheart and for nudging me along the path to true Louis love. We’ll have our whattaburger date someday….

♡ to Sophie, my galaxy girl, for being so supportive and lovely. Something about you and your art is so breathtaking. You’re a superstar

♡ to Kate, golden vapor of the sun made human and secret twin of Harry Styles, for making me laugh every day and for being generally fabulous in all respects

♡ to Princess, for understanding (and probably surpassing) my love for fanfic, and for always being down to yell/cry/gush about it with me

♡ to Carme, Addy, Lexy, Lou, Vanessa (both of you), Ainsley, and Em, for being so kind and enthusiastic about everything. You make being in this fandom fun and exciting :)

♡ to Fiona, Maria, and Sandy, for being some of my favorite people in the world, and for putting up with all the shit I post on here

♡ to Faiha, my first mother, for bringing me into the world of 1d and for being so so wonderful. I hope we stay friends for a very long time

ALRIGHT I think that is it? Hopefully I didn’t leave anyone out ♡♡♡♡♡ Lots of love n bananas xoxo



"I can’t be the only one, Don. Can you really say everything’s fine and go on like we have been? And I’m not talking about the physical. We’ve obviously never had any issues with that, but we’re not just woohoo buddies, we never were. It’s the other stuff we can’t seem to figure out."

Don nodded.

"Maybe it was easier when we didn’t see each other all the time, you know? When I was at school. We both had our own lives. Then we just seemed to fit seamlessly when we were together. But now…" he said trailing off. "I know we’re…not the settling down type, but I want you in my life, Nina. There’s got to be a way to figure this out."