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Autumn Playlist

1. Old Pine // Ben Howard 

2. Flume // Bon Iver 

3. Swansea // Bombay Bicycle Club 

4. Human // Daughter 

5. Gethsemane // Dry The River 

6. Mojo Pin // Jeff Buckley 

7. Small Hands // Keaton Henson 

8. Shiver // Lucy Rose 

9. Ghosts // Laura Marling 

10. Samson // Regina Spektor 

11. Lissie’s Heart Murmur // Warpaint 

12. Coconut Skins // Damien Rice 

13. Tongue Behind My Teeth // The Staves

14. Untitled III // Sigur Ros 

15. 1234 // Feist 


I said to her
“Baby look up.
See how full the sky is.
I don’t think even one more single star could fit up there.
Look at how beautiful the cedars are silhouetted against all those shining lights.
Breath in baby
Isn’t the the air fresh?
Did you know it’s the trees that make it that way.
The trees clean our air and make it pure and clean.”
She responded
“Yeah yeah mum, I know”
And for a minute I was sad
But then I realized how lucky my daughter is
That she gets to live here and take all this splendour for granted

Imagine Being Dean's Daughter And He Finds Out That Castiel And You Have Been Dating Behind His Back And He's Not Happy

"Well…(Y/N) May I say you look beautiful in the morning." Castiel smoothed out your hair as your head lay on his chest, listening to his heart beat as you began to wake up.  

"Good morning to you too, Cas," you breathed you, lazily, looking up into his eyes before giving him a quick peck on the lips before sitting up. 

Castiel spoke again, as he sat up a little straighter. “You know this is the first time that you have ever stayed with me through the night.  Do you believe that your father will know soon?”

"Cas, baby.  Everything will be okay," you assured him as you pulled on a pair panties.

Castiel stood up, putting on his boxers.  ”I’m not too sure, (Y/N), your father is a smart man.”

You whirled around, standing only in your underwear and a shirt, getting a bit annoyed with Cas.

"Castiel, all my father ever does is go on hunts.  Unless he has GPS chips in our skin there is no possible way for him to ever find out."

"I suppose you are right, (Y/N)."

You pulled up your jeans and slipped on your shoes, stopping at the door. “Cas, don’t worry so much, okay?  I’m going to make some breakfast for us.”

Cas looked up from the spot on the floor he was staring at. “Thank you. (Y/N).  I will finish getting dressed.”

You closed the door behind you as you made your way to the kitchen.  If there was one thing you hated about the bunker, was the fact that the kitchen was so removed from everything else, however, if was always nice to see the library and grab a book to eat with.  As you rounded the corner to go to through the library you stopped dead in your tracks.  Your father, Dean Winchester, was sitting at the opposite end of the table with your phone in his hand and looked pissed.

"Dad-" you managed to squeak out in your panicked state.

Dean rose from the table quickly. 

"What the hell were you thinking, (Y/N)?!" Dean screamed. 

"I thought you were on a case for a while." You immediately regretted the words that had just poured out of your mouth. 

"And just because I was on a case-doing my JOB-it’s Fine for you to fuck around with an ANGEL?!"

He held up your phone, as evidence.

"I heard and read all the messages and everything that sick son of a bitch angel had to say to you and I hope that you two had fun because I’m going to fucking murder him." Dean spoke with an even tone, which is when you knew he was BEYOND furious when cause you to shake. 

"I-" You couldn’t say more than that before Dean was bright red, screaming at the top of his lungs.


Before you were able to answer, your father was running down the hallway to your room, where Castiel was still getting dressed.  Dean promptly kicked down the door.  Cas was fully dressed and about to leave.  He looked stunned and afraid.  You both knew what Dean was capable of. 

"Dean..I-" Castiel stuttered out. 

"SAVE IT, Cas!!!!" Dean yelled as he punched him square in the face and held him by his shirt collar. 

Dean spoke through his teeth as blood poured out of Castiel’s nose.  You were almost positive that he had broken it. 

"You want to give me one good reason I shouldn’t completely slaughter you for touching my baby girl?!?"

You finally managed to unfreeze and then reality sunk in.  You ran over, grabbing your father’s arm and trying to lower it. 

"Dad!! Stop! I’m an adult. Castiel and I have been dating for a while, now."

Dean threw Castiel to the ground and you heard a cracking noise, which you knew could not be good.  He knelt over Cas and began to punch him ruthlessly. 

"We had a PROMISE, remember, Castiel?!  You watch over my one and only daughter.  The ONLY thing in this world that I HAVE, CAS!! Do you understand THAT!?!?"

"Dean-Dean," Cas attempted to speak in between punches, but that wasn’t working out too well for him. 

You knelt down next to your father again, grabbing his arms in an attempt to restrain and calm him.

"Listen! Dad. We can talk about this, OKAY?! Please stop."


You tried to stop Castiel from leaving, to no avail.  You walked over slowly to your father.

"Dad, I-"

"Don’t Dad me! How COULD You Do THIS?!"

"I didn’t-"

"I’m not going to hear it, (Y/N)."

Your father turned his back and left.

"Where are you going?!"

Dean marched out of the room and down the hallway without an answer.  You sank down on the floor and began to weep.  You let down your father and you are probably going to loose Castiel on top of it.  After a good long cry you picked yourself up, dusty yourself off and began to clean the blood stains off of the wood floor.  You scrubbed for hours and they mostly all came off.  Then you decided to try to fix the door, however, tears kept filling your eyes, obstructing your view.  You came to the conclusion that we would have to get a whole new door.  You had no idea what to do about the whole/dent in the wall from where your father threw Castiel.  

In that moment you decided to call one person, you knew you could always trust. 

"Uncle Sammy?"

"Hey, (Y/N).  What’s up?"

"Where are you?"

"I’m on the case.  Where’s your father?"

"Listen…" you could feel the tears started yet again. 

"I should be there in a couple hours.  Will you be okay? I know he has a short fuse sometimes,  Neither of you are hurt right?"

"No. Uncle Sammy?"


"Stay on your case."

You hung up the phone and knew what you had to do.  You jumped in your car and slammed on the gas. After three hours, you finally pulled into a deep, dark forest.  There, you saw the outline of your father’s car. He was sitting on the top of it with a bottle in his hand. You turned off the car and walked gingerly to your father.  You slid on top of the car, next to him.  You both sat in silence for while before he spoke up.

"You remember when you were little and we used to come out here and just watch the stars?"

"Of course, dad."

"I love you, you know that, right (Y/N)."

"I love you too."

"No one is good enough for my girl and it’s CAS?! I mean you could do better than him!"

"Really, dad? Better than a former angel, who need I remind you saved your ass a couple of times."

"Well, when you say it like that…"

We both chuckled slightly, then Dean spoke again.

"Castiel and I had an agreement that was not to be broken and he shattered it."

"Dad.  I understand that but I’m not a little girl anymore. I can make these decisions for myself."

"You’ll always be my little girl, (Y/N)."

Dean pulled you in close to him and kissed you on the forehead. He kept you there for a while and you felt a tear drop fall on the top of your head. You straightened up and looked at your father.

"You didn’t actually KILL Castiel did you?"

Dean laughed. “Not yet. But anytime you want me too, you just let me know.”

"Thanks, dad.  I can take care of it myself, though."

Dean was beaming from ear to ear, “THAT’S MY GIRL!”

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