Olivia & Fitz in Vermont - Scandal 4x10

Imagine lying on the bed beside Luke with a Good Charlotte song playing lowly as he quietly tells you his story about his first concert seeing them and that the way he felt when they came out on stage is the way he feels every time he sees you and your heart drops and you look over at him, not knowing what to say and his eyes are just locked on yours as he plays with his lip ring and because fuck it why not he leans over to kiss you and you cup his cheek with your palm and feel his prickly little stubble and soft skin

Memento amoris.
Fanart per il racconto di Nykyo, tesoro volevo ringraziarti di cuore per esser riuscita a farmi venire la voglia di disegnare per un fandom e per una ship specifica. Grazie alle varie chiacchierate sei riuscita a smuovere la fantasia e ora ho un sacco di disegni che premono di uscire. <3

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