Sailors In Your Mouth
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"Sailors in Your Mouth" by The National // Originally by Bob’s Burgers (Gene, Linda, and Gayle)

Just when you thought The National and/or Bob’s Burgers couldn’t be any more endearing, they’ve gone and joined forces. This last week’s Thanksgiving episode featured an ongoing musical joke referred to as the “Gravy Boat” which found Linda and her sister, Gayle, joined by Gene in their performance of this ode to tasty, holiday gravy. To make things even more amazing, The National have gone and put a somber twist on the track, re-recording it and then in turn getting animated as ghostly gravy troubadours on their way down into the bellies of the animated family. It’s pretty much the best thing that you could hope for this Thanksgiving. Hear the track above, or click over to Entertainment Weekly to see the brilliant (but non-embedable) cartoon clip. Happy Thanksgiving!