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mark ruffalo before shaving: mark scruffalo

mark ruffalo after shaving: mark smoothalo

mark ruffalo being cute: mark fluffalo

mark ruffalo becomes a bison: mark buffalo

mark ruffalo becomes a dog: bark ruffalo

mark ruffalo is well-endowed: mark ruffalong

mark ruffalo becomes a lunatic: mark ruffaloon

mark ruffalo is feeling down: mark ruffalow

mark ruffalo becomes a bird: lark ruffalo

Sad headcanons:

Erik’s mother would snatch off Erik’s mask when he least expected it as punishment, and then drag him in front of a mirror and force him to look at his own face while she screamed at him.

At the fair when he was caged, he would be unmasked when he least expected it, and would fight while he was dragged to the front of the cage where the audience was standing.

The little Sultana would force Erik to stand still while surrounded by armed guards and snatch off his mask in front of the Royal court for entertainment, and he would have to listen to the shrieks and laughter of the audience.

Hence why when Christine unmasked him he was so out of his mind and furious.