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"Chu~" from Rei

Nagisa had creeped up from behind Rei while he was studying, hoping to get some embarrassment out of him. He loved his face so much when it turned a delicate rose hue he would straight up cuddle with him forever to see his cheeks take that soft shade of pink. Okay, he loved his face regardless, but he was adorable when he blushed. His gaze would lower, and he would fix the red glasses he wore on his nose, babbling about Nagisa being ‘inappropriate’.

And instead what happened was, Rei suddenly had turned his head and, intentionally, planted a kiss on Nagisa’s cheek. At which point, the blond turned completely red like a lobster and covered his face, taken aback but also pleased.

"No fair, Rei-chan! I was supposed to make you blush!" He protested, squeaking.

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[Flies out of Felix's hair and right at his would be suitor] SCREEEEEEE! BEGONE SILLY LITTLE MAN! BY ORDER OF THE BAT KING!

Your character is watching mine get hit on and is feeling possessive. How does your character handle this?

"YEAH. GET ‘EM.” He’s just. Cheering the bat on, wow, weren’t you just flirting with this person, now you want them mauled by the bat king.


Dr. Stanard put up grades for modern africa and I made a B+!!!!



(At last, the prologue! It was a little bit lengthier than I expected, but do please enjoy! I worked hard on it & I’m sure there’s lots to revise & edit. But for now, here ya go! I’ll begin working on chapter banners, announcing which chapter you’re currently reading. Have fun & enjoy the beginning of Lover’s Panic! )

         Screeeeeee! Never would I thought that the past, present, & future flash at indescribable intervals before my eyes as the vehicle veered off the side of the road. Reaction time was not an option, as in an instant my vision darkened until an inky blackness surrounded my form. There was no pain. There was nothing. Was I dead? I couldn’t tell how time had passed. I was aware, but not completely conscious.

          I twitched at the feel of something pricking my arm, & I began the procedure of opening my eyes. There’s a sudden flash of white, forcing a groan from my throat. I blinked a few times, my pupils adjusting to the sudden light. There was a ceiling, with fluorescent lights. I sat up, my eyes glazing over features of the room. A heart monitor, two empty chairs, & two doors. I gazed down to examine what I was currently sitting in. A bed, with a mint green blanket covering me. A hospital bed? So this was a hospital. I attempted to recall the events prior, trying to discover why I was here. In a moment, the memories of my parents car veering off into a large ditch suddenly resurfaced. I blink, trying to collect my thoughts & processing them.

          Instead of sitting there & pondering, I carefully removed the blanket, exposing the blue gown I was wearing. Definitely a hospital. I felt something dig into my wrist & I gazed down, seeing a large syringe stuck there. I nearly panicked, before realizing that it was an IV. Even at the age of nine, I could recognize that it was an IV. I had the choice to pick a class I was interested in taking, & I thought the medical field would be something I would enjoy. I shook my head, which thumped roughly, as if my brain was replaced with my heart, & swung my golden legs over the edge of the bed. I swung them to & fro for a while before, I heard a knock at the door.

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I could see you bein' a mermaid or a siren. Somethin' pretty like that, with the ability to totally fuck up people if they mess with you.

Aw yh. Fish maid, bitches!