Good morning class, today we’ll be focusing on how kissing and holding hands are not inherently romantic acts, and how using those actions to ‘prove’ someone who is asexual is ‘still human’ because they still experience romance effectively throws aromantic people- and aromantic asexual people- completely under the bus. Please also make a note in the margin that not all asexual people are comfortable with kissing and holding hands- nor are all aromantic people.

Now, please turn to page 712, where we will begin reading in the chapter entitled “Aromantic People Exist”, subheading “Humanity is Not Shown in Sexual or Romantic Relations”.

I’m glad that big eyebrows became a thing. Honestly it made me appreciate mine even more. Now if they could make big ass noses a trend it’d help a lot😴

Can we talk about something here that no ones talking about?

It looks like Amethyst is looking for Greg’s gem. 

Being the child that she obviously is she probably doesn’t understand that humans are way different from gems, and I think that’s why she pulled up his shirt, to find where his gem was. She was probably also confused as to why he was hiding it in the first place.

I dunno, just a thought. 

Interesting how a person if asked if they would kill an animal to eat they would be horrified and say no, but have absolutely no problem paying money for someone else to do it. People who partake in the suffering and killing of sentient beings have no right to be shielded from the reality of the industries they support.

You wouldn’t kill an animal yourself but why are you paying someone else to do it? Think about the process. You are killing animals for a few moments of palate pleasure and that is all. Realize what you are paying for and participating in. Question your actions and stop harming animals for unnecessary pleasure.