Eterno […] é tudo que passou, porque passou. É tudo que não passa, pois não houve.
—  Carlos Drummond de Andrade. .

So I found this at the library yesterday. A book called Sabriel written by a guy called Garth. Am I dreaming or is supernatural taking over the outside world too?

Brilliant blue light shone out, outlining three alien shapes. They walked down the ramp. At least, two of them walked. The one that looked like a pepper pot just skidded down it, and fell over at the bottom.
—  Or that one time Neil Gaimon and Terry Pratchett stuck a dalek in Good Omens

somewheremeantforme said:

When Suyin was removing the poison, was I the only one who wondered, "Where's a bloodbender around when you need them?"

Oh man, I didn’t even think of that. I was wondering why the hell Lin wasn’t helping out.

I don’t know whether or not a bloodbender could have removed the poison by themselves since it was a liquid but not actually water. And the bloodbending we’ve seen is all about controlling blood to force movement, not moving it for its own sake.

Though Su’s motions and her hands recall waterbending and bloodbending both.


In a different world and on a different show it would have been a good moment to have a “breakthrough” for bloodbending where it gets used for healing instead of harm.

i am seeing white people on FB literally reiterate news that’s been proven false

—darren wilson did not have any injuries
—he shot mike brown and mike brown never attacked him…never came at him. mike brown was trying to surrender.
—mike brown didn’t rob a store, he didn’t have drugs in his system,
—darren wilson shot an unarmed teen who not only tried to surrender but never committed a crime in the first place
—the police and eyewitnesses corroborate this

yet these racist fools are still saying the same fucking lies over and over

THE PROOF HAS LITERALLY COME OUT ITS OVER at what point do these people decide to actively choose to ignore fact and remain ignorant just to what?? make sure their worldview stays the same…

and it terrifies me that darren wilson will get away with this just like they always do