Calling Card

Ishmael, pulled his mouth form one of the girls (Amanda?) in the hot tub.  He was going to invite Susan—but she had a date.  It hurt on a superficial level, but the feeling passed in the blink of an eye.  If he wasn’t faithful form the beginning he couldn’t ask the same of her.

It had been a downward spiral and he hadn’t wanted to stop.  At first, he had wondered if this was really over some spurned attention.  But no, this was more.  It was him, and the way women forever were harmed by his love.  First Candice…dead.  Rachel who wouldn’t leave his mind, and plain, simple Susan who just wanted a boyfriend in him. He was the problem.

Better he just let it all fall to pieces.  Burn and never try again.  He wasn’t made for love—not the kind he wanted.  The ever lasting kind.  He smiled at the other girl who was drunkenly laying her cheek on his back.  This would have to do.