- Danny


Ross tricks the rest of the Grumps into playing World of Warcraft, even though none of them have ever played an MMO..

Pierre Salinger: Has the feminist movement touched you in any way or interested you in any way?

GraceCertainly, it has. I always felt when I went to school and started working, I felt very free and liberated already. I was earning my own living before I was 19. Perhaps as I a teenager when I was growing up, I thought, you know, it would have been nicer to have been a boy than a girl but I got over that very quickly. I’ve seen a lot of nice things come out of the liberation movement… I do think women should have the right to work and choose a profession and do whatever they would like to do. There are so many professions now open to women that they do extremely well. I myself, was on a board of directors for five years, and I was the first woman to be on this board. And it was a very interesting experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. 


So I may have just stuck up pictures of Hollywood Undead and one picture of Taylor Swift, courtesy of hauntedforeverandalways, around the house.

It’s my birthday so my parents can’t get mad at me >:D

In order:
“Follow Your Steams” Matt - Back of the bathroom door
Danny - Back of the toilet door
Charlie - Front of my parents’ door
Danny + Johnny - Front of my bedroom door
Jorel + Aron - Fridge
Taylor Swift - Back of the front door
Aron - Pantry
Johnny - Front of my chair
Danny - Back of the laundry room door