This is Zuni. He was given to me by my best friend about two years, and today he was stolen off the Probending/Nerdfighters table at the Univeristy of Maryland College Park First Look Fair.

IF YOU SEE HIM (OR IF YOU TOOK HIM), PLEASE CONTACT ME. He’s about the size of a lemon, and is meant to be a keychain. He has a little chain that I use to attach him to my backpack.


  • Was being used as a paperweight for Probending flyers
  • Stolen/taken from table E18 (Nerdfigters/Probending)
  • Went missing between 11AM-2PM on 9/17/2014

If you took him because you thought he was being given away, PLEASE RETURN HIM. He’s very special to me and I’m really, really upset.

IF YOU HAVE HIM/HAVE SEEN HIM, PLEASE EMAIL toastweaselofdoom@gmail.com OR umdprobending@gmail.com



Today I cry, I wish you happiness forever, Goodbye
—  'I'm Fine Thank You', Ladies Code

Rise is still not doing well guys. She’s in critical condition and her surgery was only stopped after 11 hours because she wasn’t strong enough to handle any more at the moment, basically (severe swelling of the brain and a drop in blood pressure). It’s speculated that she might not recover/if she does, she’ll be in a vegetative state. It’s also believed that Sojung has been so disfigured that she probably won’t return to the entertainment industry.

Keep Rise and Sojung in your thoughts and prayers, guys. We need some good news.

(I would like to take a quick moment to express thankfulness that Ashley and Zuny are doing well, and we should remember them - and the families of EunB, Rise, and Sojung - at this trying time as well).

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[MV] Ladies’ Code - I’m Fine Thank You 

“Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone.” 

to the ones who lost their lives ( our lovely & pure code, eunbi and risae as well as the driver ): thank you for existing. Through ladies’ code you brought happiness to the hearts of many, and for that lavely’s will continue to love and cherish you. The driver, who also tragically lost his life, thank you for being with our girls until the end. Althoug many of us are hurt and heartbroken about this tragedy, our sympathies lie more with sojung, ashley and zuny as well as the families and friends of go eunbi, kwon risae and their driver. we will love you until forever.


So idk if it’s just me, but I would HOPE that at MAMA 2014, they pay a tribute to Ladies’ Code, and especially to EunB & RiSe. These girls have gone through the depths of hell, not only losing two of their own members, but also sight of what their futures hold. Let’s pray for the emotional well-being of the surviving members, as well as LC’s familes. They need someone right now.


"in cards and flowers on your window
your friends all plead for you to stay

sometimes beginnings aren’t so simple
sometimes good bye’s the only way”

#StayStrongLadiesCode #RIPRise #RIPEunB