"The Voices in the Dark"

Many months have passed since the Apocalypse, and Haley Adams is bored.

As Haley is the only survivor left on Earth (besides the demons that hide in the shadows, always just out of sight), and most electronics and books were damaged by the Atomic-Magnet bombs humanity used to destroy the Robots, there just wasn’t much she could do to entertain herself.  

All she had was her family’s old cassette recorder and a package of blank tapes that somehow survived The Reckoning that followed The Great Robot Genocide, so Haley finds herself recording the audio of her day and playing the tapes throughout the night just to have something to do.

While the tapes first started as just homemade “talk shows” where she pretended to interview herself about how great she is at surviving the Apocalypse, upon playback of the recordings she’d often hear voices hidden in the dead air… and they were trying to talk to her.

Most of the voices were demons attempting to scare her with heavy breathing and growling, but seeing as she just survived the Apocalypse as a 9 year old, Haley didn’t frighten very easily.  The demons were more annoying than scary.

Every so often, when non-demonic voices from the beyond could dimly be heard on the cassette tapes, Haley would attempt to engage them in conversation… BUT, the process of recording the dead air, listening back to the hours of tape to find the stray hidden voices mixed in with the static, and then asking a follow-up question was inherently inefficient.

It gave her something to do, though, so Haley didn’t mind.

Usually, the voices were lost and confused souls who didn’t realize they were dead and needed to be told that they died in the Apocalypse.  Haley relished this task, as it gave her a sense of purpose… something she had struggled with since becoming confident she was the only human who survived.

However, after several months of the same slow conversations with discombobulated disembodied voices, Haley found herself getting frustratingly bored again.  She absentmindedly hits play on the recording she just made in the children’s morgue, expecting another tedious day of saving souls, when instead she is greeted by the melodic laughter of a young child.

Perking up instantly, Haley takes delight in something new finally happening and listens intently as the distant childish giggling becomes a song— 

"I’m dead we’re dead and you’ll be too
On your family’s souls we chew
Your mother screams in pain each night
Because you were able to survive the blight
Your baby brother is boiled blue
Skinned alive because of you
Cry and die and be with us
No more boredom, no more fuss
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha… !”

The song and maniacal laughter repeats for 90 minutes before the play button POPS up, having reached the end of the cassette. 

Haley pauses, sighs annoyedly, and rewinds the tape to use again.

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Data Plague

North America went dark twenty-two hours ago. The first we knew was when the American stock exchanges started lagging out while processing transactions. Then the big data centers timed out - the old majors, Google, Yubei and Amazon. 

The social nets went down. News went down. But we’ve been networked for over a century - this isn’t just about bits, it’s matter now! 

Three hundred million networked vehicles dropped off the grid. Factories, railways, delivery drones, heating systems - a whole country of city blocks shot through and encrusted with microprocessors reverted to dumb matter.

Look at this video recording from one of our satellites: a wave of darkness spreading east from California, fast as fiber-optics can carry it. 

We had no choice but to cut them off; sever the suboceanic cables and hope it wouldn’t touch us, whatever it was. 

So far, we’ve contained it. But we can see the air growing dim with the smoke rising above American cities.

That’s why we have to send you in blind. There will be no data feed, and no satellite link on this mission. Your team will stay in touch through shortwave radio. We can’t take the risk of broadband contamination. 

The situation on the ground is likely to be dangerous. Some parts of the Americans’ MILNET may still be working - meet up with them if you can.

The epicenter appears to be somewhere near Stanford. 

Find out what happened out there.

Good luck, Captain. Our hopes fly with you.

覚悟のススメ 強化外骨格「零」 製作記録


2009年製作 撮影者:JUN様


■覚悟のススメ 強化外骨格「零」(型紙&原型編)


■覚悟のススメ 強化外骨格「零」(製作編)