mum’s got an android phone atm and she wants to switch to iphone and she was like ‘wait will i still be able to have my candy crush on it im up to level 221’ and im like ‘well youll prob have to download it and start again’ and she just stood there in shock like ‘no no no no ben no honestly i cant start again do you know how long it took me to get to level 221 ive been playing it for 2-3 years do you know how much of an impact its had on my life its gotten me through so many situations i play it every day and every night its become a part of me i cant start it again ben i cant do that im addicted and ive come so far i cant start again do you think a computer nerd could transfer my levels onto the new phone should i ring up apple and see if they can do it ben honestly im not getting a new phone if i cant transfer my candy crush onto it you think im joking dont you im not joking candy crush is my life i think about it all day its my last thought before i go to sleep and my first thought as soon as i wake up im seriously addicted i cant lose all of my levels’ and like kept talking about how obsessed she is with candy crush for like 5 mins straight