Top image shared by brilliant photographer Chris Floyd:

From 2009, my portrait of Tom Hardy as Daniel Day Lewis as Daniel Plainview in ‘There Will Be Blood’.

Bottom photo is a scan (edited) of the Chris Floyd shot used in a Total Film (Jan 2009) article about Scene Stealers/stars of the future. Both these photos have been posted before but not in this resolution. And here’s the text from Tom’s writeup in TF (transcribed by me). Sad those TV shows didn’t get made…

Put this in your pipe and smoke it. Hardy — the 31-year-old actor who has so far racked up appearances in Black Hawk Down, Marie Antoinette and Layer Cake — has just completed the knock-out role of his ever-blossoming career. He’s Bronson, Charles Bronson, in the appropriately named Bronson — a tale of one of the UK’s most notorious prisoners. It’s one hell of a performance, as fully absorbed as Daniel Day-Lewis, say. And that Oscar-snaffler didn’t have to shave his head and brute up. “It’s an evening with Bronson, like Cabaret meet the King of of Comedy,” Hardy tells Total Film, “It’s fucked, but in the right way.”

And after that? Hardy has two TV shows — Candy Chops and Kickapoo Dust “with brilliant co-writer Kelly Marcel” — heading into production. For a really crass picture tie-in…Smokin’.


Watch a French housewife as she makes her way slowly along the loaded stalls… searching for the peak of ripeness and flavor… What you are seeing is a true artist at work, patiently assembling all the materials of her craft, just as the painter squeezes oil colors onto his palette ready to create a masterpiece.