• What Tabata was actually saying:People of the same gender tend to be more open with each other in a more honest way. Adding someone of a different gender to the party changes that dynamic, whether they're attracted to this character or not. We want to show that a group of boys can have positive, emotional relationships with each other. Because of this FFXV's unique story of 4 young men growing a strong brotherhood will appeal to both men and women.
  • What How a Chunk of the FFXV Fandom heard what he said:vagz are yucky ew lmao wtf is wrong with u.

What is bromance?

Tbh, I actually think it’s very Pro-feminist, if anything, a plot that shows that men can be intimate and grow a strong bond and sense of love for each other without the need to be constantly be “overly macho” and always prove their masculinity. Isn’t that counter to the idea of Toxic masculinity? I think this could actually be an extremely positive story for young boys regarding their feelings to feel constantly masculine (keep in mind, that Toxic masculinity hurts everyone involved) and if done right, will be revolutionary as fuck for a video game.. Food for thought.