Weekend Morning (Final Fantasy XIII)

For Lightning, one of the most amusing things about sharing a house with Fang and Vanille was observing their contrasting approach to mornings. Neither of the two women were morning people, but mornings treated them very differently.

Fang could always be counted on to stumble to the breakfast table barely awake but somehow looking utterly alluring in nothing more than her underwear and a tank top. Her hair would be tousled in just the right way, and she would almost always give an adorable yawn before heading into the kitchen to make some coffee. 

Vanille, on the other hand, always looked like death warmed over. She would trudge into the dining room, blinking blearily at the sunlight coming through the windows, and raise one hand to cover her face. Lightning half expected her to combust like some kind of redheaded vampire. More often than not, Vanille would only make it halfway across the dining room before collapsing onto the ground and crawling into the kitchen to grab some coffee.

Lightning, of course, was always the first person in the house to wake up, and mornings suited her just fine. While Fang walked around in her bedclothes and Vanille staggered about in ridiculously patterned pyjamas, Lightning would already be dressed for the day. Fang and Vanille absolutely hated that.

“Another late night?” Lightning asked Fang as the dark-haired woman slumped into her chair. It should have been criminal for someone to look so good while they chugged down some coffee.

“Stupid expedition reports,” Fang muttered. “Back in my day, we used to just go out there, kill our enemies, and call it a day.”

“Well, back in your day, there was a war.” Lightning poured some milk and cereal into a bowl and passed it to Fang. It was better than letting the huntress do it herself since she’d probably miss the bowl and end up pouring milk all over the table. Fang murmured a thank you and began shovelling the cereal into her mouth mechanically. “Where’s Vanille?”

Fang pointed at the door of the kitchen. Vanille had only managed to get that far before collapsing due to a lack of caffeine. Lightning sighed and went over to the redhead, dragging her over to the kitchen counter and pouring her some coffee.

“You’re even worse than usual,” Lightning said. “What happened?”

“Chocobos…” Vanille groaned. “So many chocobos…”

Lightning raised one eyebrow. Vanille had been helping Sazh with some things related to the chocobo ranch he wanted to put up. “What do you mean?” She helped Vanille steady the mug of coffee.

Vanille chugged down the coffee, and, just like that, she was miraculously restored to her usual bubbly self. “Well, I was looking around on the internet, and there were all these videos of chocobos chicks doing funny stuff. Have you ever seen a chocobo chick try to tie a baby’s shoelaces? It’s hilarious. I just had to watch them all.”

Lightning fought the urge to bash Vanille over the head with the mug. “Seriously?”

“What? They’re cute.” Vanille skipped into the dining room. “Come on, let’s eat! Do we have pancakes?”

“No, we do not have pancakes.”

“Aw.” Vanille gave Lightning a hopeful look. “Waffles?”

“No.” When Vanille continued to give Lightning a hopeful look, one so hopeful it would have put a sparkly unicorn to shame, the soldier sighed. “Fine, I guess we can have pancakes since it’s the weekend.”

“And waffles?” Sparkle. Sparkle.

“And waffles.” Lightning shook her head. Vanille had to have powers, that was the only way to explain it. “But I’m not just going to be making all of them myself. I’ll show you and Fang how to make them. That way, you can make them whenever you want.”

X     X     X

Fang stared at her waffles and pancakes. There was something strange about them. They looked, well, less appetising than they should.

Vanille stared at her waffles and pancakes and felt like crying. They looked more like lumps of charcoal.

Lightning smiled at her waffles and pancakes. They were flawless.

“Lightning…” Fang put one arm around Lightning. “Have I ever mentioned how great you are?”

“And generous,” Vanille added. “Always sharing things with her beloved friends and housemates…”

“Fine.” Lightning laughed. “We can share mine. But we’re going to keep trying until you two can make your own waffles and pancakes.”

Organization XIII as Parents!

im grouping these also!! 
part one is here: x

Xemnas, Xaldin, Lexaeus, MarluxiaRoxas: They would have the standard chores and rules set up for their child, but would be a chill parent overall. They would be the parent to have the monthly meeting with their child, so they could check up and see how they were doing. They might be hard on their child, but that’s only because they want the best for them.

Xigbar, Axel, Demyx, Luxord, Xion: They would try to be the ‘cool’ parent, but in reality they are super embarrassing. They would tease and bug their kid, but only out of love. They would spoil their kid a bit too much, and their s/o might have to scold them for it. Overall, they only have the best intentions for their kid, even though they are deemed annoying and embarrassing.

Vexen, ZexionSaix, Larxene: They can be strict when it comes to rules and such for their child, and can even be harsh when talking to them. Their intentions are always good though, and they do just want what’s best for their child.