I don’t usually do these kinds of posts, but I’m old enough to have shipped the ORIGINAL ship. You know, the one that *started* (Relation)shipping. When the ORIGINAL shipping wars were Friendshippers & NoRoMos vs the MSR (MulderScullyRomance, for the kids) Relationshippers. And, back in the first five seasons, Mulder and Scully hadn’t done anything more intimate than hug and hand-hold. 

Today while watching the LoK finale, I was reminded of this scene from the clip show “Inside The X-Files” during the fifth season, and, in particular, Gillian Anderson’s comment about how the touch of a hand in X-Files was like “making love in another series.” Listen to the cast and the creator talk about Mulder and Scully. This is how I think about Korra and Asami. At least at this point, like M&S at that point in the series (for the kiddos: by the end of the series - 9 seasons - they were explicitly together).

FYI: Mulder and Scully officially became canon offscreen in season 7 of The X-Files.

There was no major reveal to suggest that anything had happened except for a tease in the middle of that season that was very ambiguous and easily dismissed by a lot of nonshppers, along with a surprise reveal in the season 7 finale that Scully was pregnant. But even then, how she became pregnant and by whom was uncertain. In fact, the major premise for season 8 involved answering these questions. And it wasn’t until the Season 8 finale, literally two seasons after they had become canon offscreen, that the show confirmed that Scully’s baby was also Mulder’s.

My point is that subtext was present in developing Mulder and Scully’s relationship, you had to pay attention to subtle things to even get the slightest hint that they had become canon offscreen, and even then you weren’t 100% sure what was happening.

Were we in season 7 of The X-Files right now, MTV may have placed Mulder/Scully in their list of best canon ships, and yet people may have disputed whether it was in fact “canon” or not. Some may have felt it was, subtextually, others may have felt it wasn’t and never would be, especially since Chris Carter, the creator, would habitually state those exact words every time the topic would surface: “Will NEVER happen.” Ultimately, two seasons later it went explicitly canon.

As far as Dean and Castiel, I’m not saying they are “secretly” canon right now. I’m not saying their relationship will develop offscreen. What I am saying is that their feelings are developing, subtextually, and in some instances on a more textual level than that, just very subtly. It’s ambiguous right now.

But at the end of the series? We’ll definitely have an answer one way or another.

And all I’m saying, and all I think MTV is saying, is: Maybe there’s hope.

—  endlessmelody in Mtv’s 19 Best Tv Couples of 2014