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so, I have all of these gorgeous black & white reblogs of mulder x scully, david, gillian, xfiles art, etc. stored up in my drafts. would a massive queue (set for some time this week) be something you guys’d be interested in seeing on my blog? I need to clean out my saved stuff and this seems like next logical step lol. like if you agree. thanks friends! -Liz :)


X-Files Season 4 Episode 1 Herrenvolk

“Not everything dies Mr. Mulder.”  Marita Covarrubias

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David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson seem as psyched that X-Files is returning as the series’ superfans. Actually, maybe they are the show’s biggest superfans.

First the pair staged a very public kiss, now David Duchovny has admitted that reading the new script made him very emotional.   —– ARTICLE HERE

I love the title for this article haha  …. ‘The tears are out there’   ;)

xfiles regency au but instead of mulder being the one with the white shirt that gets wet (eg. Colin Firth as mr Darcy and Dan Stevens as Edward Ferrars ) its scully :- ) shoutout to birddad for the idea

Things I have observed so far in my X-Files re-watch

(perhaps an obvious observation) For once the most mainstream pop culture show of its time, it was remarkably anti-American government. This stands out particularly in episodes that feature Native Americans, e.g.

Feminism yay. Most probably a naturally occurring by product of having an interesting, complex main female character, let’s face it.

This is a deeply, unashamedly spiritual show. It takes joy in melding science and spirituality and gives no fucks in explaining why or how.

Fox Mulder is so much more mind-meltingly hot and wonderful than I remember, and I remember him being pretty damn wonderful.

Scully is a lot more hilarious, especially when she gives people massive side eye.

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are even better than I remember. They made the silliest, most ridiculous things utterly believable through their performances. They totally committed, and it makes the show.

Almost from the first episode, it is patently obvious that Mulder and Scully quietly, completely, utterly and equally adore each other.

I feel like i was doing such a great job pretending to be a sane human for years, and then the xfiles revival was announced and my one true fandom burst out of my chest like an incubating alien