“The X-Files wouldn’t work today because shows are serialized and the story-of-the-week format is dead.”

  1. Yes, one format of show doing well means that you can’t possibly make a good show any other way. Don’t come up with the format that fits your show, just apply the same format to every show because this is a Golden Age of television and that means there’s only one way to be good. Serialized tales of grim anti-hero dudes for everyone!
  2. Most good serialized shows are also very episodic. It’s not a either-or proposition. One of the easiest ways to tell that a serialized show is bad is the lack of any episodic plots making it all blend together/be horribly paced.
  3. The most popular shows on TV are…story-of-the-week procedurals. It’s baffling to conclude that the most popular format on TV is dead because critics don’t usually like it. The NCISes of the world might as well not exist, and so they’re “dead” despite being the biggest shows around