don’t make fun of me, but i’m watching “behind the xfiles” where david and gillian are describing the intimacy of mulder and scully’s relationship, how they loves each other, it’s not sexual but it is indeed still intimate and i’m just sitting here like


anonymous said:

*mulder voice* why cant you believe jfb

xfiles is for people who didnt watc h enough twilight zone and dark places or w/e the one that begins with we have control of your television set do not change it


i don’t like that Mulder looks embarrassed with his foot-in-mouth comment about being in bed with Father Joe ‘kissing his holy ass’ when Whitney tells him Father Joe is a convicted pedi-phile - Mulder would have been more like “Then I’d stay out of his bed but I wouldn’t let him outta my site”

The Scully Effect

One of the most frustrating aspects of this scarcity is that we know just how significant an influence powerful female, scientist role models can have on young women.

Perhaps the most prominent example of this power has come to be known as the “Scully Effect.” Named for Special Agent Dana Scully, the medical doctor and FBI agent who was one half of the investigative team on “The X-Files”, the Scully Effect accounts for the notable increase in women who pursued careers in science, medicine, and law enforcement as a result of living with Dana Scully over the nine years “The X-Files” ran on Fox.

The show has been off the air for more than a decade. Yet the character of Dana Scully remains a powerful example of how a dynamic female character whose primary pursuit is science—not romantic relationships—can have a lasting impact on our culture.

— by Christopher Zumski Finke (x)