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I finally got around to compiling a list of the people who expressed interest in doing the “draw each other’s art meme/challenge” with me - I’ve got two lists going: one of the people with whom I’ve confirmed doing the art/writing trade, and another of people who wanted to do it but seemed a bit shy about it.


- byerslanglyfrohike
- muffinpines
- mulderswaterbed
- mulderhatesqueequeg (writing)
- artsyape
- xfiles-behind-the-scenes
- geekmommy7 (writing)
- gillovnymom
- lisahawkeye
- spookyflukey
- tater-tots-last-of-the-romanovs
- alomoria

THE “I’d like to but…” FOLKS

- scarfofcumbersaurus
- foxslittlebullfrog


If you’d like to do it with me, or if I somehow forgot to add you to the list, PLEASE let me know—I enjoy this challenge.

This will take me a while to get through, namely because I’ve got a handful of other projects I’m tackling at the moment (**cough**XF2015FANART**cough**), but I will get to them. :)


I have been asked a lot about what X-Files Fanfic I’d recommend, so I decided to make this little page, listing my favorite stories; I will also include links to my favorite X-Files Fic resources! 

If you have any stories you’d like to see listed, please let me know via ASK or SUBMIT and I’ll add them!

Note: These are ALL MSR in some way, shape or form.  It’s also a good chance that they’re nearly all rated R or NC-17 (if not because of sex, it’s for graphic violence.) It’s….just what I like!

Just be sure to read the disclaimers before each story to get a feel about the content, and judge for yourself!

Favorite Stories: 

*some of the links will take you to the author’s Gossamer author page, where the stories mentioned are listed*

Favorite Resources:

  • Gossamer - tons of stories, an endless amount, really. But it’s difficult to know what’s worth reading and what’s not here. So it’s kind of a shot in the dark. 
  • X-Files Fanfiction Archive - again, tons of stories, and they’re categorized and rated for your convenience!
  • XF_Book_Club - a Livejournal group for readers of X-Files Fanfiction. Really great recs, and it’s all categorized in the tags! 

for fletcherisms

anonymous asked:

Since The XFiles is so important to you... have you met either David or Gillian? Who would you rather meet if you could only choose one?

I’ve never met either of them and if I had to pick, I’d choose Gillian. But honestly, the idea of meeting either of them makes me want to vomit. I get nervous ordering pizza over the phone, so. It’s probably for the best that I admire from afar because they both fucking terrify me.

Gillian would probably make me feel like an idiot and David, well … I’ve spent too much time making jokes about his dick to ever talk to him face to face. 

Name Your Top 10 Favorite TV Characters, Then Tag 10 Friends

my real life friend jennie aka xfiles-behind-the-scenes tagged me :)

1. Dana Scully, TXF
2. Fox Mulder, TXF
3. Skyler White, Breaking Bad
4. Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad
5. Rustin Cohle, True Detective
6. Stella Gibson, The Fall
7. Louie, Louie 
8. Claire Underwood, House of Cards
9. Deputy Molly Solverson, Fargo
10. Walter White, Breaking Bad

i’m gonna tagggggg notwidelyunderstooddefinition, foxslittlebullfrog, spookyymulder, myassbrokethefallboogieordie, lydelia-dumaurier, magickaltriangulation, youokay-mulder, scullaaayyy, baybscully

Yesterday I found out that Jillian Anderson went to high school in the city I live in. Today I realized that the two main Doctors at my therapist office have an interested combination of names.

I was tagged by caichuai and xfiles-behind-the-scenes. Thanks Carol and Jennie :)

Name Your Top 10 Favorite TV Characters, Then Tag 10 Friends

1. Dana Scully, The X-Files
2. Fox Mulder, The X-Files
3. Olivia Benson, Law & Order SVU
4. Stella Gibson, The Fall
5. Bedelia Du Maurier, Hannibal
5. Regina Mills/Evil Queen, Once Upon a Time
6. Killian Jones/Captain Hook, OUAT
7. Jessica Lange, in all American Horror Story
8. Fran Fine, The Nanny
9. Raymond “Red” Reddington, The Blacklist
10. Ross Geller, Friends

These are my favs in no particular order :)

I tag mai-nichi, youokay-mulder, mayispeakplainly, wherethefandomsat, cokepepsisalineiv, otherfathers, officialgarol, geekmommy7, atleastnotdrivinganyway, ill-show-you-later, if you haven’t been tagged already and feel like doing it ;)

Name your top 10 favourite characters from TV series, then tag 10 more friends

I was tagged by nuniqueequeg, starbucklovesspooky, snappingonthelatex, xfiles-behind-the-scenes, otherfathers, anicepieceofash and mulderina

1. fox mulder / xfiles

2. dana scully / xfiles

3. chandler bing / friends

4. lorelei gilmore / gilmore girls

5. michael westen / burn notice

6. fiona glenanne / burn notice

7. roseanne conner / roseanne

8. leroy jethro gibbs / ncis

9. barry goldberg / the goldbergs

10. burton guster / psych

bonus: leslie knope / parks and rec

I tag caichuai, enidco, mulderhatesqueequeg, iamlareina, lydelia-dumauier, gillovnot2011, magdasxfiles, colormyworldwithcrayons, wherethefandomsat, candorlicious

thanks everyone :)